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Clip package about the three finalists. Lance is the pop star. Len thinks he's the most improved. Bruno likes that he always brought the unexpected. Carrie Ann thinks he's the sleeper and he might steal the trophy. Warren is the football hero. Len was shocked at how well Warren could move. Bruno thinks Warren knows how to get the crowd going. Carrie Ann thinks Warren is sexy. Brooke is the hot mama. Len thinks Brooke has a fantastic body for dancing. Bruno likes her technique and versatility. Carrie Ann thinks Derek always challenges Brooke and Brooke always rises to the occasion.

The final three couples are finally (no pun intended) introduced to the tune of Superman for some reason. Yes, we know who the finalists are. We know their role on the show. I guess this is for the people who skipped the first hour of filler and are just tuning in for the second hour of filler. The first to dance their final dance is Warren and Kym. But before they perform, let's relive his journey. Kym was shocked at how big Warren is, but was psyched to see how light he is on his feet. Warren had a crazy schedule this week, which is how he explains the week that he kind of screwed up. I thought the problem was his shoes? Kym thinks Warren is funny, charming, and cuddly. Warren gives Kym all respect for making him the dancer that he is, and he tells her that he loves her. Aw. That was actually sweet. Even hardened, crusty old me was touched. Good thing my husband's already in bed, since his feelings for Warren are well-documented.

Warren and Kym are doing their hustle to "Funkytown." They added a few lifts, since they're finally allowed. Warren seems a little nervous. He's connecting with Kym but he hasn't started doing his thing with the audience. Oh, there he goes. They start cheering his moves and he smiles. He gets a solo moment and the audience loves that too. This is clearly the routine Warren is most comfortable with, since it's the most like dancing in a nightclub or a bar or whatever. The audience cheers long and loud for them when they finish. Len tells Warren that regardless of what the judges think, Warren is the people's champion. Everyone smiles when he dances. Bruno tells Warren he is a crafty hustler. Is Bruno talking about rough trade again? Carrie Ann admires how Warren inspires people to get out there and dance, no matter their shape or size. Backstage, Samantha asks if he's looking forward to getting his life back. Warren plugs his Showtime show and then we get scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Hmm. I guess they aren't going with their perfect score. So their overall total is 80 out of 90 from the judges.

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