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It's Lance! It's Brooke! It's Warren! It's the finale! Doesn't it seem like this season has gone on forever and ever? I mean, do you even remember Jeff Ross? And Misty's injury? Like, I remember it, but it seems like it was in a previous season or something. Anyway, tonight the remaining couples will be doing a group samba and an individual freestyle, and it will all happen LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tom welcomes us to the finals, and you can see some of the former contestants sitting in the audience behind him (if you have HD) -- I spotted Rocco, Maurice, and Misty. Before there is any dancing, each contestant is going to show us his or her favorite ballroom and Latin routines. Brooke and Derek go first. Their favorite ballroom routine was their quickstep, which Derek feels would garner a perfect score if they did it now. It's pretty impressive that they can pick something from so early in the season and be confident that it will hold up. Although it does sort of ruin any "improvement arc" storyline they might have been going for. It is pretty good, although there's a spot at the end where Brooke misses a step. Brooke and Derek think that the paso doble was their best Latin dance, because it was the first time that Brooke showed off her character. Oh yeah. I remember this one. It was to the DeBeers diamond commercial song. After we see both dances, Derek proclaims that Brooke is the most consistent, has come in first 80 percent of the time and has the highest scores of anyone, including the most perfect scores and the only perfect 30. That's a pretty good argument. They couldn't go for the improvement arc, so they went for the "she's awesome every week" storyline. Tom interviews them live and asks about the stumble last week. Brooke says that since then, they've been practicing positive thinking. Tom heard that Warren was trying to psych them out backstage, and Derek claims that he's been doing some psychological warfare of his own. Yeah, Derek is so intimidating.

The next couple to make their case are Lance and Lacey. They choose the tango as their best ballroom routine, because it was the first week that they felt like they had a chance. This was the sort of zombie routine to "Disturbia" that I actually kind of liked, and God knows I wasn't a fan of their edgy routines. It was their first fairly traditional routine, I thought. I still have problems with Lacey's posture though -- her butt sticks out too much. They choose their mambo as their best Latin dance, and they laugh because they didn't expect it to be that great, since they were so focused on their jitterbug that week. Is it wrong that I remember these routines by what crazy outfit Lacey was wearing? Because I only remember this routine because Lacey had that outfit that looked like she was pooping ribbons. I just don't think that either of those routines was as good as anything Brooke and Derek did. Lacey reminds us that Lance is the most improved dancer on the show, but I don't necessarily think it was due to poor skills; I think it was due to bad choreography/dancing choices. Lacey argues that Lance is the only one that beat Brooke (not mentioning that it happened the one week that Brooke totally screwed up, so it's not like he beat her purely on dancing skill) and he's peaking at the right time. If Brooke weren't in the competition, I would totally agree. In most other seasons, I would see Lance as the winner. I just think Brooke is a better dancer. Tom interviews them and asks if they're overconfident. Lance says he's been working really hard on the last three dances. Tom thinks that they're getting more competitive and Lance laughs and says that they were having fun. Tom accuses them of being more political.

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