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Finally, Warren and Kym get to show off their favorite routines. For their ballroom, they choose the Viennese waltz. Warren notes that it was the first time he got to really dance with a partner and show off his ability to slow it down. I will say that Warren is surprisingly graceful, even if he is a bit flatfooted at times. He glides across the floor, although his arm extensions are a little stiff. Warren says it was a turning point for him because it showed him that he could do anything on the dance floor. Warren and Kym agree that their paso doble was the best Latin dance due to both their outfits and their dance. No one has mentioned that their outfits are a direct ripoff from Maks and Mel's paso doble, which is bugging me. Watching it again, I just don't think it's that great. Kym thinks Warren "captures the essence" of what the show is, because he lights up the dance floor and excites the crowd. She admits that their scores haven't always been the highest, but the crowds love him and he makes people happy when he dances. Tom interviews them and asks Warren about his Jedi mind tricks backstage. Warren doesn't really give an answer. Tom asks Kym about being in the finals again, since she was here previously with Joey Fatone. Kym gives a non-answer about how great it was before and how great it is now. Warren promises that we'll see something new from them tonight.

It's time to award the junior ballroom trophy. I didn't see the final dances last week because they showed them during the recap show that airs before the results show, and I don't usually watch that, since I just watched the performance show two or three times the night before to weecap it. Anyway, the winners are Craig and Samantha, who do a jive to "Rockin' Robin." I like couples this age doing the jive, because it requires dance skill without being overtly sexual. After they finish, Tom asks them which of them will get to keep the trophy, since they are siblings. They both claim it, and Tom says that they'll get two eventually. He banters with them about going to Disneyland, since ABC is owned by Disney, and then that's done.

Len previews the finals, like we don't know who's in it, and calls it potentially "the greatest final of all time." Oh, please. Hardly. I still would love to see Brooke go up against some of the finalists from previous seasons. Anyway, they all smack-talk each other for a while, and then Len promises us that anything can happen.

For some reason, they reset the show at this point and Tom and Samantha introduce the finalists like they normally do at the beginning of the show, with them walking down the stairs. Lacey seems really subdued tonight. Everyone else looks happy and nervous, but she looks like she might throw up, not from nerves, though. It's hard to explain. She's usually very smiley. Tom throws it to Len to get his take on the finalists. Len says that they all agree that the three best couples made it to the finals, and he's looking forward to the Samba Smackdown as well as the freestyle routines. He jokes that he's so excited, he needs to "nip to the bathroom." Samantha doesn't know what that means and Tom just lets that statement hang there for a while before introducing the clip package about the group rehearsal for the Samba Smackdown.

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