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They each had to pick their order randomly. Brooke and Derek are going first, then Lance and Lacey, and then Warren and Kym. In rehearsal, each couple works on their strategy. Brooke and Derek want to load up their routine with difficult moves, but Brooke has trouble with remembering their steps. Lance is worried, since his scores haven't been that high for the samba. Warren and Kym got their worst scores for their samba, so Kym wants to work on technique. All of the couples come together to work on their group rehearsal, so first they show off their solo routines. Warren trash-talks Brooke and Derek for using the same moves over and over. When Lance and Lacey go, they hold back and walk through a lot of the tricks. Which is probably a good strategic move, but kind of comes off as dickish after Brooke and Derek just went all out. When Warren and Kym finish, Lance comments that they need to have a bigger ending and Warren pretends to rush Lacey and bash her. So the big group routine is up next!

Brooke and Derek start the routine. Derek does a lot of twirling and spinning before they go into some partner work. Brooke looks like she's having more fun than I've seen her in just about any other routine. Lance and Lacey come out next, and Lance's footwork looks really good. I still think Lacey sticks her butt out too much. Their tricks are good and seem to fit into the rhythm of their routine, instead of being distracting. Warren and Kym take the floor last. Warren seems a little in his head at first, but he enjoys himself a little more in the middle. There does seem to be a lot of Warren standing around while Kym dances around him, at least more so than the other couples. The other couples rejoin them and their synchronization is great. I'm really impressed with these final three in terms of their ability to dance together; I don't remember another group routine that went off so smoothly and where the three couples seemed so evenly matched.

The judges get to weigh in. Len says that the music was great, which it really was. They do a great job with standards and disco, but not so great with modern songs. Len thought they all did better than when they danced the samba earlier in the season. He compliments Warren's routine for having a lot of content, although he's worried about Warren's feet. He thought Lance had a lot of energy with lots of traditional movements, but he needs to work on finesse. Len knows that Brooke is the sensation of the season, and thinks she's still the one to beat. Bruno starts with Brooke, who he thinks is dazzling, sexy, and sizzling. He thinks Lance is tight and clean and his confidence has improved a great deal. And Warren's sense of fun compensates for his lack of technique. Carrie Ann thinks Lance has the momentum, because he keeps getting better and better. She thinks Warren is the most improved. She adds that Brooke brings technical nuances, and when they dance in hold it's magical. She thinks they may need to scale it back a little bit, but overall thought they were great.

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