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Tom brags that Kim's mambo was one of the most-watched clips on the Internet last week. Um, maybe because people couldn't believe how terrible it was and forwarded it to their friends saying, "Can you believe this horseshit?" Kim has a hard time dancing sexily with Mark, because she sees him as a brother. So she goes to visit Robin Antin. Oh, I can't stand any of those Antin-ites. They're all idiots. Anyway, Robin tells her to use her hair in the choreography. That's not at all helpful. I think Kim's biggest problem is that she doesn't fully commit to the dances and she's such a fake person with no personality that she can't let her "real" personality come through in the dance. And there is no hip action. She looks like she's just going through the motions. Poor Mark's hips are working overtime, to no avail. Judges? Bruno tells her that maybe she can't dance, but she needs to be less distant and cold. Len is disappointed because she has potential but there's nothing there. Carrie Ann thinks Kim needs to watch her tapes (hee!) because she's just not getting it and all of her dances have looked the same. Ugh, please let her leave this week. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 5. Higher than Rocco? Really? Blech. As Samantha interviews them, you can totally see Lacey in the back making a bitch face and rolling her eyes. Hmm. I wonder if she hates Kim or Mark.

Misty May and Maks rehearse their paso doble. Misty May is having a serious breakout this week, and Maks is really being rude to her, trying to get her in shape. Misty gets frustrated and Maks apologizes. I think he kind of digs that he has a partner that he can really yell at and she can take it, because she's used to competing at such a high level. My biggest problem with the whole thing is that they seem like they're trying to replicate Maks and Mel's paso from two seasons ago - -Misty's outfit is almost exactly the same. Misty is no Mel though - her posture just isn't there. She's got the steps down, but she's not precise enough and her shoulders are hunched over. Ooh, it's not good. I will say that at least Maks doesn't try to cover it up by having her stand still while he dances around her, which he used to do a lot of back in the day. Carrie Ann compliments their energy, especially after Kim and Mark's routine, but tells her to work on her shoulders. Carrie Ann also says that it was a really difficult routine. Bruno starts yelling about Xena and whatnot and then advises Misty to work on her finesse. Len thought it was a good attempt, but Misty gets so focused that she loses the connection with her partner. Backstage, Maks apologizes for how hard he pushed Misty, but she seems fine with it. Scores? Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7. Not bad! I didn't think it was that good, frankly.

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