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Maurice did the worm last week. So how can he and Cheryl top that with their rumba? Maurice talks to himself in the mirror about how sexy he is, but Cheryl tries to get his hip action right. She takes him to a belly dancing place to learn about hip action. I know they have to have filler for rehearsal time every week, but these contrived setups are so annoying. I mean, I guess this one is better than Rocco learning to dance by cooking a meal. So did it work? Maurice definitely has the character down and Cheryl's costume tonight is way more flattering than last week's. Maurice needs to work on his hand positions. He tries for the hip action, but it's not quite there. He can move his upper body really well. He kind of loses the character halfway through, it seems. Maybe it's just me. Judges? Len thought his dance was all right, but it lacked finesse. Carrie Ann wants to see Maurice's energy come out in the dance. Bruno thought it would be more smooth and slinky and makes some sort of allusion to Maurice being a tiger in the bedroom and knowing how to move his hips ... and I didn't need to hear that. Wait, isn't this the dance that's a vertical expression of a horizontal desire? I can't believe no one has said that yet! That's totally a first. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 6, and Bruno 6.

Corky and Cloris, your favorite batty old dame. Or your least favorite bawdy wack-job. Some people in the forums were really offended by Cloris, which I found surprising. She's not offensive. She's just kind of over-the-top, like Robin Williams. She can't turn it off. And sometimes I suspect that she uses humor to try to cover for her diminished abilities. Anyway, Corky has a serious talk with her about focusing and improving her dancing skills instead of relying on jokes to get through this week. The paso doble begins with Cloris in the middle of the floor swirling her skirt around and it's actually pretty good. Her posture is good. Her footwork is...not good. But she can do dramatic, and covers up a lot with her full skirts and the swirling. Plus, she's the cape in this scenario so Corky gets to just drag her around part of the time. I mean, it's not great, but she actually danced this week, so there's that. The crowd loves it. Bruno thought it was surreal and just keeps yelling out old school celebrities like Ava Gardner. Len liked the choreography and the music. Carrie Ann admires Cloris, though she doesn't say much about the dance. She does say that she misses Cloris's antics. I realized last week that Cloris has trouble hearing, which is why she kept walking up and standing near the judges last week: so she could hear what they were saying. See what I mean about how she uses schtick as a cover-up? Scores: Carrie Ann 5, Len 5, and Bruno 5. Backstage, Samantha tries to interview Cloris and at one point Cloris tries to rip off her wig to prove that blondes have more fun. Cloris is obsessed with her score and rambling as usual. She vows that even if she gets voted off, she'll be back. I don't doubt it.

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