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Oh, instead of an encore of the best performance, they're letting Jeff and Edyta do their quickstep, since they didn't get to do it last night. That's nice, but I frankly don't want to see another bad performance. It's actually not that bad, though. It does remind me of Idol where they make the eliminated person re-sing the song that got them booted in the first place. Insult to injury. It cracks me up because Jeff's kicks are totally karate kicks with a flat foot instead of a pointed toe. It's better than Kim's mambo, that's for sure. I wonder if the pressure being off made it easier.

Samantha talks to the safe couples backstage. She asks Brooke if everyone is gunning for her now. Derek says it's more pressure and Brooke worries that people might not vote, assuming they're safe. Samantha asks Mark and Kim if waiting so long to dance made things more difficult. Kim gives some platitudes about improving and listening to the judges. Blah.

Tom is ready to reveal one more safe couples and it's...Cloris and Corky. Boo. That means someone actually deserving is going home because the two worst are already safe.

Now it's time for Jesse McCartney to perform. I remember recapping this kid on Summerland, along with a young Zac Efron. What a time that was. I do like his shorter hair, though. At the risk of sounding like a parent from the '60s, I hope shorter hair comes back from men. I'm not into that greasy mess most dudes have on their heads. While he sings, Ashly and some dude named Italo, I think? I'm sure people who are fans of actual ballroom dancing will be mad I don't know this guy, but you know, I get all my dancing information from cheesy reality shows and occasional gossip items on blogs.

Ooh, a pre-recorded Adam Carolla statement. I wish he were on live, though. Adam is talking to people on the streets to find out what they think of the new season. God, it looks hot out there. People say semi-goofy things and Adam makes fun of them. I've just summed up the entire segment. My favorite part is when Adam is talking to one dude and someone in a black Spiderman costume just strolls down the sidewalk behind them. You know, as you do. Adam pretends that he hates Cody Linley because he's dancing with Julianne, which is kind of funny. Also, no one knows who Adam is. Aw, I was really looking forward to an Adam and Julianne reunion. I always enjoyed their Lucy/Ricky chemistry.

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