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Time to save another couple! And the next couple to be saved is...Maurice and Cheryl.

Oh, the Jonas Brothers. How many ABC execs were scrambling today trying to get their daughters tickets to the show tonight? I can't wait until these boys go totally Hanson and start getting married and pushing out ten kids each and going on Howard Stern. That will be awesome. Joe Jonas stands up and "dances" with Mark and Derek, but really he's kind of tapping his toes while they actually dance. That was effing lame. When the song kicks into rock mode, Lacey and Inna join Mark and Derek on the floor for some dancing. How do these pros learn all these routines? They had to choreograph and teach two routines, and then learn two more routines for the results show. That must be exhausting.

After the performance, Samantha throws to a clip package where we learn why this is the biggest season ever. Dear ABC: We're already watching. You don't need to convince us. Thanks. I do enjoy watching Susan Lucci trash-talking because since she's such a soap star, she does it so well.

So now we get to hear two more safe couples. The first one is... Misty and Maks. Yay! I'm kind of rooting for them. And the second one is... Warren and Kym. This all sucks because other than maybe Cody, I don't want any of the people left to leave. Boo.

Samantha's backstage with Maurice, Misty, Warren and Cloris and their partners. Maurice says he's looking forward to dancing "real sexy doing the rumba." Misty says that she's excited to learn a new dance, but she has no expression on her face at all when she says it. Like totally deadpan. And kind of annoyed. Then again, she's talking to Samantha, so there's that. Warren is looking forward to wearing sequins. Cloris is looking forward to seeing everyone dance, and she thinks Maurice loves himself. Also, Cloris decides Samantha is going to be her new partner after Corky calls her "mouth."

The next couple continuing to the next round is... Susan and Tony. And joining them are... Rocco and Karina! Yay! I was getting worried about old Rocco. I didn't know what kind of fan base he had. So one of the following will be going home: Cody, Ted, Toni, or Lance. It would be really shocking if it were Lance, but if that happened, I would blame Lacey.

After the final break, it's time for more results. Lance and Lacey are safe. Cody and Julianne are safe. So it's down to Toni and Alec or Ted and Inna. Tom reminds them that they are not necessarily in the bottom two. Let's hear what the judges think. Len reminds us that the judges' scores don't determine who goes home, since the remaining two got decent scores. I guess the other judges don't matter, since we go right to the final announcement. Going home this week is... Ted and Inna. Oh, poor Inna. She finally gets on the show and then goes home in week one. I hope they let her come back next season. In their exit interview, Ted says he'll miss everyone, and he was actually looking forward to dancing more. Next week's dances are the rumba and the paso doble. See you then!

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