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Tom reminds us that last night, Derek and Brooke got the first perfect ten, Cloris and Corky did... something (seriously, I was trying to describe it to a co-worker today and I was like, "And then she pretended that his butt smelled bad and then he humped her down the dance floor doggy-style"), and Misty had to drop out and everyone was sad. So tonight, we'll find out the results, but will anyone go home? And it will be LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Let's review, shall we? Carrie Ann has a crush on Warren, who admits that he was winking at her to get a higher score. Len liked Maurice and Cheryl's dance, and Maurice promised that he would "rock all the way home." Susan had a sprained ankle but still pulled through. Lance and Lacey went traditional, and Bruno missed their sparkle. The couple takes this really literally and complains that they have so many sparkles on their outfits that it looks like a fairy farted on them. Classy. Also, I don't think he meant glitter. Toni and Alec tried something untraditional but the judges weren't really buying it. Cody got scolded for goofing around too much instead of actually dancing. Rocco was compared to "a lump of mashed potatoes" but felt really good about his routine anyway. And Cloris... seriously, what is there to say? That Corky pulled off her wig? That her boobs were hanging out? Seriously, did they smoke some pot before that routine? That would explain so much. And Derek and Brooke totally dominated the competition and became the couple to beat. And then Misty had to drop out.

Since Misty and Maks didn't get to do their jive, Maks wants to show you the routine he choreographed. So Edyta will be joining him. I bet Misty wasn't planning on wearing those stupid legwarmers that Edyta has on. Seriously, they're both sort of dressed all Fifties (kind of) and then Edya has on those stupid legwarmers. Maks's outfit is really terrible -- he's wearing these high-waisted high water pants with suspenders and... I just know far too much about Maks now. [Learn more about him in his blog! - Zach] The routine has a lot of energy, but the routines with two pros are always the best ones, in my opinion. The costumes were horrible, though. Tom makes fun of Maks's outfit, because how can you not?

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