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Aaaaaand, we're back! Tom sort of nonchalantly reveals that no one is going home tonight. Way to bury the lede, dude. Anyway, he says that they'll combine the scores from this week and next week (judges and voters) to find out who goes home next week, like they did when Sara Evans dropped out. But they are going to reveal who would have gone home this week, so there's that. The remaining couples are: Cody and Julianne, Rocco and Karina, Lance and Lacey, and Susan and Tony. Before they get to the big reveal, Tom asks the judges if they think Misty would be in the bottom if she had competed. Who's going to say that she would? Come on. Dumb question. Len says that she was showing a lot of improvement. Tom asks Carrie Ann what it means for the couple in last place. Carrie Ann thinks they have their work cut out for them, and other cliches, as well. Tom asks Bruno what the lowest-scoring couple can do, and Bruno advises the couple to deliver a breakthrough performance.

Now it's time for the big reveal! The next safe couple is... Susan and Tony. Tom said earlier that these are in no particular order, so it doesn't mean that Susan and Tony weren't in first place. Also safe are Cody and Julianne. So the couple that would have gone home tonight is...Rocco and Karina. So then no one knows what to do, because they didn't actually get eliminated. Tom reminds us of the process and the music gets a little more upbeat so people know not to freak out. And seriously, I don't expect Rocco to win, but he deserves to stay longer than FREAKING CLORIS! See you next week.

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