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Lance and Lacey have the Viennese Waltz this week, and Tom wonders if they will "bow down to classical ballroom technique." Lance announces that this week they're going to play by the rules. Lacey tries to get Lance to be less hip-hop, which it's kind of sad that they're only this week working on taking the hip-hop out of his moves. So Lacey and Lance take their moves to that sure-fire hotbed of comedy: an assisted living facility. They do their routine for the oldsters, who have sassy and feisty things to say, like that they used to do the waltz, but better. Or asking about Cloris Leachman. Lacey says that Cloris will be there after the show, and I don't think she meant it like, "Cloris is so old that she belongs with you old people" but it kind of came off that way. Another woman tells Lance his hair is too crazy and he promises to tone it down.

So did it work? Let's see. I do like Lacey's dress; it's silvery and flowy and covers her up. Lance is wearing a matching suit. There's still something off about Lance's posture and I can't quite figure it out. He definitely gets into the drama of the routine, and the ending is super drama where he pretends he's distraught and has to sit down. Afterwards, Tom comments sotto voce to Lacey that Cloris wants to meet her in the parking lot afterwards. Judges? Bruno says there was a little problem with the rise and fall of the dance and looked a bit labored. Bruno missed the spark. Carrie Ann loved it, especially that Lance danced as much as Lacey instead of just being the frame. Len makes a crack about how he's old, and then tells them that it was flat-footed with poor posture, but had the most content and was their best routine so far. Backstage, Samantha makes yet another crack about Len and Cloris being old and then we hear the scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 7. So they finally got higher than a 6 from Len.

Maurice and Cheryl are up next. Last week, Len told them that their routine lacked finesse. The next day, in rehearsal, Maurice says his confidence is down a bit, but he thinks the jive is right up his alley. Cheryl seems really disgusted with him, and annoyed. She does not seem very fun. So Cheryl takes him to the track so he can do some tire drills and jump roping (jumping rope) to help him with his footwork. So... that happened.

Maurice and Cheryl are wearing some very aqua outfits for their jive I think Cheryl has a poodle skirt on. Maurice is really, really light on his feet, and his footwork is fantastic. I think that whole clip package was designed to lower our expectations because he's way better than I thought he would be. My only problem with the routine is at the end, when Maurice slides Cheryl across the floor, runs over to the judges' table to point at his watch (because they're dancing to "Rock Around the Clock") and then slides back over to Cheryl and collapses. WTF was that? Maybe the judges know. Carrie Ann calls Maurice "a wild, untamed beast" which seems kind of racist. Len thought it was "fast, bright, and lively" and compliments the choreography as well. Bruno liked the pace and the energy, and appreciates the precision this week too. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Maurice says that this week was the hardest, but Cheryl helped him through it.

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