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As for Karina and Rocco, last week Bruno said that he's out of juice, and Len told him that it lacked musicality. So Karina tries to get Bruno to get out of his head. She puts a blindfold on him and makes him dance to different types of music. Rocco actually kind of loses his self-consciousness when he can't see himself in the mirror and gets down to some reggae. He actually has moves! Only, like, two, but moves nonetheless. Karina plays some waltz music and Rocco gets into character, and tells Karina that the blindfold is really working for him.

So he starts out their routine with an actual blindfold on. I hope he takes that off before he tries to go down the stairs. Oh, good. He did. Here's what I love about HD. When Rocco starts doing these side-to-side leaps that look fairly ridiculous, you can totally see Carrie Ann in the background giggling. They do a big non-lift spin, probably so that Rocco has to dance less. This seems way longer than other people's routines. And then there's a weird thing where they like, high-five each other and then run over to the judges' table and Rocco makes Len put sunglasses on? WTF was that? This is the weirdest choreography night ever. So what did the judges think? Len gives his whole critique with crazy sunglasses on, and says that sometimes Rocco loses the time but the moves were good. Bruno thinks Rocco should have kept his blindfold on, and he needs to keep his musicality going. Carrie Ann tells Bruno that he's crazy, and she thinks Rocco is the most improved. She also appreciates that Karina kept her foot on the ground to avoid doing a lift. Tom reminds us, "This is not just a popularity contest. It's a popularity contest... with sequins." Backstage, Rocco says that every minute he gets to stay is a gift. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 6. Rocco is pleased. Samantha says that Rocco was in the room when Misty got hurt, but of course, Rocco can't really say anything because they're saving it for a big reveal, so he just babbles for a minute. Why even ask that question?

The next couple is Warren and Kym. Luckily for me, my husband is sick and went to bed early so I don't have to hear his many disgruntled remarks about how much he hates Warren. Anyway, Warren is ready to do the Viennese Waltz this week. Ooh, he doesn't look very smooth in rehearsal. Kym urges him to be romantic and smooth, and she's impressed by how well he got into character. Warren promises to show us "the softer side of Sapp."

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