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Last night, Lance and Lacey got praise from the judges while Warren didn't for once. Reversal of fortunes! And after adding the scores for the past two weeks, Rocco and Karina and Cloris and Corky are in the bottom two slots. But that doesn't necessarily mean that either of those two are going home, although they probably are. But we'll find out who's going home LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tom and Samantha welcome us to tonight's spectacular performances from Ne-Yo and a flamenco troupe. Presumably not both at the same time, although who knows? This show gets crazy. Tom reminds us that the scores are combined with last week's as well, and Samantha announces that tonight, they will actually reveal who's in the bottom two. Which to me says that Rocco's not going home, but he is in the bottom two, because otherwise, why reveal it this week? Just a guess. No spoilers.

So let's review what happened just last night. The samba and the tango made everything super sexy. Lance and Lacey's zombie goth tango got high marks from the judges. Cloris showed off her incredible flexibility in the tango and impressed the judges for perhaps the first time with her dancing instead of her antics. Susan generated enthusiasm from Carrie Ann especially with her tango. Hey, I just noticed that the tangos tended to earn better marks. Does that mean the tango is an easier dance? Bruno liked Toni's samba and the judges told Cody that his tango turned him into a man. Len thought Brooke's samba was too erotic, but Bruno thought it was perfect. The crowd liked Warren's samba, but Carrie Ann felt it was a little content-free. Similarly, the judges didn't love Maurice's disco-style samba. And rounding up the samba routines that fell flat, Rocco was told that Bruno's accountant could do a better samba. It can't be a coincidence that all of the tangos were scored high and the sambas were nearly all panned, right?

After Sam reviews how to go to the network's website, Tom yells at Len for telling Brooke to tone down the hotness and jokes that "Brooke Burke" might turn into "Brooke Burqa" if she covers up too much. Len laughs and then announces that Lance and Lacey will be returning to do their tango again. I think maybe part of my problem with Lance's moves is that his pants are very ill fitting, which I didn't notice last night. They are crazy baggy, and it makes it more difficult to see the sharpness of his footwork and movements. He's always crazy pigeon-toed, which I think the judges will point out eventually. But the routine looked better tonight, probably because the pressure's off.

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