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Tom introduces a segment modeled after a political commercial. In the first one, Cody is referred to as a baby, and Brooke Burke sponsors the ad. It's semi-amusing, as a two minute little reprieve, but I hope they don't plan on doing one for each contestant because it could get old fast.

As I feared, after the commercial break, there's one telling American never to trust a skinny chef like Rocco, and Warren approves that message. See? It's already kind of lame.

Backstage, Samantha talks with Maurice and Cheryl as well as Cody and Julianne. She asks Maurice if his relatively low scores surprised him. Maurice gives the old "I just wanted to look good and have fun" speech. Samantha tells Cody that his scores put him on the lower end of the spectrum. Cody says he's nervous, but he also knows that he's done his dance and now there's nothing more he can do for this week's results. Wow, that was enlightening. Great questions, Sam.

Tom introduces the flamenco troupe. So they do a lot of stomping. The part that I appreciate is that while they wear long coats, those coats have no buttons so their chests and abs are fully exposed and they are very fit young men. Hey, I've gotta get my kicks somewhere. And then at one point, they just drop the charade that they're not beefcake and they take the coats off. Their synchronization is really impressive, and I know that sounds condescending after I just got done ogling them, but I'm not kidding. The crowd gives them a standing ovation when they're done and Samantha notes that there aren't any women viewers who were unhappy with that. Well, maybe the lesbian viewers weren't super excited. I'm just saying, Sam. You could be more inclusive.

After reviewing the standings from last night and last week, it's time to get to some results. The first couple that is safe is...Susan and Tony. Joining them on the safe side are...Lance and Lacey. And to the shock of no one, Rocco and Karina are in the bottom two. I'm still saying that whoever joins them is going home tonight, or why would they bother telling us who else is in the bottom two? But this show has done crazier things. As we go to commercial, there's another faux political commercial railing against hot chicks that can dance, like Brooke Burke. Seriously, who writes these things? They are so unfunny. Bring back DanceCenter!

On the way back from the commercial break, there's a commercial wondering what Maurice finds so funny, and accusing him of thinking the competition is a joke. Sigh. Tom introduces this season's junior dance competition. The first couple tonight is Mitchell and Jessica from San Diego. They are adorable. They've known each other their whole lives, and they live next door to each other. Jessica wants to be a fashion designer. Mitchell lets Jessica get what she wants because she has a pretty smile. They pinky swear that they're going to do an awesome cha cha. Seriously! They did a pinky swear! How cute is that? So I can't not root for them. They do their cha cha, and it's good, but they have those pasted-on smiles -- I'd love to see them look like they're actually enjoying themselves a little bit. But their arm extensions are really extraordinary. Tom calls them over to the judges' area. Len says that their rehearsal time showed, because they were fabulous. Bruno thinks they are cheeky and they make him smile. Carrie Ann asks Jessica about her costumes, and Jessica admits that she did design them.

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