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Last week, Misty's Achilles tendon snapped in half or something and it was really loud and really gross and it caused her to have to drop out of the competition. Did you ever notice that, without all the hair and makeup bullshit, Misty kind of looks like Justine Bateman? So no one got eliminated last week, but Rocco did find out that he would have gone home if there were an elimination. I still can't believe that. So the judges' scores and the viewers' votes will be carried over to this week, and tomorrow night, someone will be eliminated. But before that can happen, we have to watch the dances tonight, and it will all happen LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tom and Samantha welcome us to the show and introduce the couples. Ooh, Rocco must be doing the samba -- he's got on a fuchsia shirt with crazily ruffled sleeves. Lance and Lacey are doing goth flapper. Kym Johnson barely has any clothes on at all. Should be a visually stunning week. Cloris looks like she actually took her meds this week, because she looks kind of lucid. Samantha reminds us who was at the bottom of last week's leaderboard after the judges' scores: Cloris and Corky, and Rocco and Karina. So they are both in jeopardy, although we know that Rocco did worse when you add in the viewers' votes. Perhaps that revelation will get some more people to vote for him this week. Or perhaps it will get more people to vote for Cloris to make sure he goes home.

The first couple to dance this week will be Maurice and Cheryl. Last week, the judges praised Maurice for finally getting it together in a way that they knew he could. This week, Cheryl has to teach him the samba, which she explains is a party dance. Maurice has trouble with the shoulder posture, and he also gets up in his head and can't put his personality into it. Cheryl invites his daughter to rehearsal to make it more fun. His daughter and a bunch of her friends come in and goof around, which apparently helps Maurice to lighten up.

Maurice and Cheryl are both wearing Afro hairstyles -- Mo's is a wig and Cheryl's is her regular hair all teased out. Their routine, no surprise based on the costuming, is very '70s disco. One thing I like about them as a couple is how much they connect. Maurice is always looking at her like you would look at someone you were actually dancing with at a party. It doesn't seem like he's taking cues from her (though he probably is) -- it seems more like he's just enjoying being her partner. I dig that. The moves look pretty good, although there's still something not quite right about Maurice's posture overall. But he's having fun, and the choreography was good. What did the judges think? Len says it was fun to watch, but he needs to work on refining everything. Bruno calls them "Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Brown" but the samba was a little bit too loose. It's halfway through the competition and they need to make things tighter in addition to the energy. Carrie Ann wants to see more improvement each week, instead of them falling back on their more freeform style. Backstage, Maurice talks about how he needs to groove a little bit. The scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 7, and Bruno 7. Samantha makes Maurice say "Dyn-o-mite!" Was Samantha even born when that show was on?

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