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Last night, the show tried out four new dances, with two couples doing each one. Half the couples got high marks, and half got a tongue-lashing from the judges. Tonight, there's going to be some crazy performance, and one more couple will go home. And it will all happen LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tom and Samantha welcome us to the results show and then begin the recap of what happened last night. For once, we're going to have the judges review the action, which is kind of interesting. It looks like production didn't plan ahead very well for this segment, as Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno walk onto the cheapest set imaginable. My husband claims it's the set from a play he did in high school. Or possibly middle school. Okay, it was preschool. Anyway, it's a red velvet curtain with a card table and some chintzy chairs. They at least covered the card table with a plastic tablecloth. It looks like the world's saddest poker game.

Anyway, the judges sit down and Len says that he didn't think the new format would work, but it totally did. Bruno liked that people were thrown into chaos and had to find their own way. Here's the review from the judges. Carrie Ann points out that Warren always starts his routines very seriously, but once he knows that he's nailed it, he loosens up and gets into it. Bruno likes that Maurice is a true sportsman, who can take criticism and coaching and get better. The judges thought Cody did a great job of keeping up with Julianne during a very physical routine. Len refused to give a ten to Derek and Brooke because they were dancing the jitterbug; he doesn't think it's a serious dance. Well, that seems patently unfair. It's not Derek's fault he drew the jitterbug. Don't punish him. That's ridiculous. Bruno thinks that Toni goes right up to the edge of committing to her routines, but then withdraws. Len thinks they'll come back stronger if they analyze their performances. Len wants Lance to up his game, and Bruno wants him to take control. Len justifies giving Cloris and Corky the same score as Lance and Lacey because he feels that the former was entertaining, if not technically perfect, while the latter was underperformed. I still don't know what that means, along with overdancing. Carrie Ann wants Susan to take a risk, and Len wants her to come out and really perform. Well. That was interesting, to hear some more reflections and explanations from the judges. I liked that better than the typical clips of the dancers in the confessional.

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