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It starts with the 1930s. Everything is black and white, and there are two guys tap dancing in tuxedos. Then it moves to the 1960s with some James Brown music, and a James Brown style dancer. He's awesome, but I just keep thinking, "Is it hot in the hot tub?" So then it moves to the 1980s with some dude dancing on scaffolding and leaping around the set. This turns into a sort of dance duel between two breakdancers. Holy crap! One dude just did like a triple somersault from like three stories up and landed on a thin mat. He could have broken his neck! I'm turning into my grandmother. The final section is "the future" but it kind of just looks like a Kanye West video. The visuals are cool, and the concept is cool, but honestly? The dancing is not as good as I want it to be. It needs to be more crisp or precise or something, because the dancers are dressed up in a military fashion, and yet it looks sort of sloppy. That definitely did not live up to the hype. If they hadn't teased it for so long, I probably would have been impressed, but they got my hopes up, and I was kind of disappointed. I'll get over it, though. Don't worry.

For more filler, there's a clip package of everyone talking about how intense the competition is getting. Warren is surprised by Cloris, and Maurice points out that she's beating all the younger people. Susan can't believe how light Warren is on his feet. Toni thinks Brooke is her competition, because they're both fit moms. If you say so. I mean, they are both fit moms, but I don't know that Toni is quite up to Brooke's level yet. Lance is learning a lot from Brooke. Cody thinks Maurice is one to watch. Susan says that the claws are coming out. Time for trash talk! Cody tells Warren that his wink won't help him. Warren tells Brooke to go host a travel show. Really? I have to think Warren Sapp, of all people, could do better than that. Brooke tells Lance that he doesn't have a group to hide behind anymore. Lance tells Susan that acting class won't help her now. Susan says that she can flirt better than Cloris. Maurice wants Toni to shake her booty out the door. Toni wants Maurice to strap on his running shoes and run away from the competition. Cloris tells Cody to grow up. And it's going to be intense! Intense competition! Did they mention intense? Brooke reminds us that they have to do the group dance and their own routine next week. Cody and Cloris both vow to win, and Warren say that if they want him to leave, they'll have to blow up the studio. So, filler.

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Dancing With The Stars




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