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Time to reveal two more safe couples. The first one is... Cody and Julianne. Joining them next week will be... Maurice and Cheryl. None of the four remaining couples have ever been in the bottom two, and one of them will go home. But first, commercials.

After the break, they're going to reveal which two couples are safe, and which are in the bottom two. The first safe couple is... Brooke and Derek. Seriously. That was not very shocking. The first couple in the bottom two is... Toni and Alec. The next couple who is safe is... Lance and Lacey. They both look surprised. That means Susan and Tony are the other couple in the bottom two.

So now they will reveal which couple is safe and which one is going home. And the couple will be... Toni and Alec. Toni doesn't look all that surprised, and she says it's okay as soon as she walks down to Samantha and Tom. She admits that she's disappointed, but her health is much better, so she has reached her goal. Tom asks if she'll be returning to the Vegas stage. Toni says she'll have to build up to that, but she's on the way. Alec says he had a great time, but he's sad it's over now. And then everyone says goodbye to Toni as my recording cuts off. Man, I have got to remember to pad that recording by a few minutes. Usually this show is pretty good about coming in on time, though. Anyway, next week is the group hip hop, with Cloris. I kind of can't wait. See you then!

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See how this season's contestants stack up to dancers from the past and watch the video highlights from this week.

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