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After reviewing the standings from last night, it's time to find out two of the couples who are safe. The first one is... Lance and Lacey. And the second one is...Cody, who's standing there all alone, although Tom reminds us that he'll be joined by Edyta later on. And they're going to talk to Cody later on to get a Julianne update. Shouldn't they talk to Derek? Her brother?

Now it's time to torture some more children. I know, they want to do it. But isn't it their parents' responsibility to give them time to be kids. Please don't hate me. It's just my opinion. Anyway, Craig and Samantha are brother and sister, which just seems weird. Their little sister Cara was on the show last year, and I remember her. She was super cute! Samantha is apparently quite the diva. She's way too young to be a diva. Again, parents. Where are they? Anyway, they're doing the cha cha cha. Craig looks like a grown man in his dance clothes. It's a little creepy to see them flirting through the dance when they're siblings. Especially since they are old enough that it's more than mildly creepy. They're great dancers. It just makes me feel weird in my stomach to watch them. Tom asks them if they had any fights today, and they fight about that. Michael thought it was sensational. Bruno enjoyed their technical precision. Carrie Ann thought they were poetry in motion and now she has a signature cheer where she goes "Whoo hoo!" Take it down a notch, Carrie Ann.

Simon and Lucy are both thirteen. Simon had to be bribed to start dancing, but now he loves it. Lucy also does ballet. They are adorable. Simon thinks no one knows he's a dancer at school, but Lucy points out that they do now. They look like such normal kids, and they've only been dancing for a year and a half, but they won nationals this year. So they're doing the samba. Simon's got some weird moves. There's something not quite right about them. It's probably one of those deals where they're both growing and changing and so their dancing hasn't quite caught up with their bodies or something. Lucy looks decent, but Simon is freaking me out. He's like a tiny James Spader. Carrie Ann thought they had a lot of charisma and energy. Michael doesn't really say anything but seems to imply that they'll be going home. Bruno loves Lucy's extensions. I feel like they agree with me that there's something weird about Simon's dancing.

So now the kids are backstage. Will Cloris molest them again? I don't know why they let Samantha interview these kids. Here's what's annoying if you have HD. Lacey is sitting almost out of frame and she has such a bitchface on while the kids are talking. Even Warren is smiling at the cute kids, Lacey. Get the stick out of your ass. So now we find out who's moving on. All three vote for Craig and Samantha. Wow, they usually at least throw one vote to the losing couple. Man, that is cringe-inducing.

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