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So let's find out who's safe and who's not. Susan and Tony are still in jeopardy. Brooke and Derek are safe. Cloris and Corky are still in jeopardy, and Maurice and Cheryl are safe. For once, Tom actually screws up and says Samantha's line. That never happens. Anyway, they're going to reveal who's going home after the break.

Tom reminds us that Susan and Tony and Cloris and Corky are not necessarily the bottom two. Cloris mugs it up while Tom wonders if she's going home. Susan uses her skills at losing all those Emmys to pretend like she doesn't mind what's going on. Tom gets ready to announce who's going home and Cloris yells out, "I'm not leaving!" Tom responds, "I'm afraid you are!" Ha! And thank God. Thank you, America. Samantha begs Cloris to come down and talk to them as she gets a standing ovation. Cloris thanks the judges and tells them that she loves them. Cloris wants to sit on the floor, so they all sit down. Samantha asks her a question and Cloris doesn't answer and says again that she's not leaving. She promises to get dressed up and sit in the audience. You know she'll be all wandering out on the dance floor. Well, big sigh of relief from these parts. I'm interested to find out what that team situation is all about. Guess we'll find out next week! See you then.

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See what professional dancer Maks has to say about the contestants still on the show.

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