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Last week, the judges came down hard (oh boo hoo) on Lacey because she was making the dances all about her and not enough about showcasing Lance. Lance and Lacey head to Florida to rehearse. Lance confesses that he used to think he did well with his band, and then everyone would say he was the worst dancer. You know, I feel like we've heard this tale of woe before, and it's starting to sound a bit... pathetic. Like get some therapy or something, Lance. As Lance and Lacey rehearse the jive, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone show up to the studio. Joey offers up some pointers, since he was in the competition, and especially that Lance needs to let his personality come out.

So here's their jive! Lance starts out with some solo moves that are... not very good. Lacey doesn't seem to understand that when the judges told her to showcase Lance, they meant for her to choreograph to his strengths, not just give him a bunch of solo time on the floor. Also, Lacey has these pink scrunchy things are her ankles that looks ridiculous. This is a pretty slow jive. Lance's footwork looks pretty good, and I do feel like Lacey is toning down the mugging a little bit. At least I don't notice her as much. But what do the judges think? Bruno thinks Lance is back on top, and that he was gleaming with confidence. Michael thinks Lance should have lots of confidence now. Carrie Ann gives out a whoop, and she appreciates that he listened. She adds that she doesn't know where Len is right now, but he would be proud, and Tom yells out, "He's not dead!" Oh, Tom. How did you not win the Emmy? Backstage, Lance says he's out of breath and ecstatic, and that Joey helped him a lot. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Michael 9, and Bruno 9. Lance and Lacey don't look nearly as happy as they should be about that. They mostly look tired.

Susan still has an ankle injury, but she powered through it, despite criticism that she was being careful. In rehearsals, Susan tells Tony that she really wants to get out of "the box," and put her fiery spirit out front. Tony takes her to a mambo club with some of her friends from her soap, including Cameron Mathison. Susan feels like she felt the freedom in the club, and now she needs to make that translate to the dance floor on the show.

Their mambo begins. Susan definitely is doing more acting with her face this week, but she still seems quite careful. She's still way too much in her head for a lot of the moves -- I don't know if the bicoastal lifestyle means that she doesn't get enough rehearsal time or what. Most of the individual moves look good, but when she transitions from one to the other, you can see her thinking about it. It's a step in the right direction, but it's not a big enough step. Carrie Ann starts the judging, as she says that Susan broke the box this week. Bruno is happy that they're starting to see the devil lurking inside Susan, but she can't lose her timing. Carrie Ann starts disagreeing and Tom comments that they should be married. Carrie Ann and Bruno keep yelling at each other while Michael gives his boring comments. Seriously, he is super boring. It really makes you appreciate Len. Backstage, Samantha asks Susan if it was difficult to pick herself up after being in the bottom two. Susan says it was, but she loved the routine that Tony created. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Michael 8, and Bruno 7. Tony is happy, because it's higher than last week.

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