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Last week, Brooke and Derek almost got a perfect score, but Brooke realized that she hurt her foot during the routine. By Thursday, Brooke was home getting treatment and Derek was working on their routine. The doctor suggests that Brooke take seven days of rest, but she says it's not an option. Derek realizes that he needs to push Brooke so they can learn the routine, but he also needs to avoid pushing her so hard that he makes her injuries worse. So things were not looking good, but I feel like it might be misdirection. Let's find out.

Brooke and Derek are doing the rumba, and I think there is probably not a dance the plays to Brooke's strengths any more than this one. Derek's hair looks like ass. He really needs to trim that up. Probably due to Brooke's injury, there is a lot more of Brooke standing still and Derek dancing around her than we usually see with these two. It looks pretty good, but they usually do a lot better than pretty good, so we'll see what the judges think. Michael says that they took his breath away, but he says it like he's reciting his grocery list. He has no emotion. But he does hope that he has a high enough number on his paddle to reflect their score. Carrie Ann is the buzzkill as she says that it wasn't Brooke's best dance, although she admires that Brooke battled through her injury. Carrie Ann saw pain in her movements. Bruno feels the same way, and says that he knows Brooke can do better than she did tonight. They're lucky Len wasn't here -- since Michael doesn't know the history of each dancer, he's probably more easily impressed. Backstage, Brooke says that she has a "disrupted tendon" which sounds like a fake injury. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Michael 10, and Bruno 8. Derek says that he loves Michael and they all giggle.

Before the break, we get a preview of all of the couples rehearsing the hip hop routine. I notice that they don't really focus on Cloris dancing. Also, Cody might beatbox. This is going to be a disaster.

Tom reminds us that Cloris got some amusing comments from the judges last week, none of which were all that complimentary. Corky can't believe that they weren't in the bottom two last week. Yeah, you and America, Corky. They prepare their cha cha and Cloris tells him to stop lecturing her and show her the dance. Cloris won't listen and keeps getting distracted. Corky calls on Cloris's (ex?) husband, George, who knows how to get Cloris to shut up and listen for once. Corky says he's never seen her work so hard.

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