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The interesting conceit of the dance is that Corky is some sort of dance master who is teaching a reluctant Cloris to dance. But the problem is that Cloris seems like she doesn't know the routine. I mean, it's horrible. The other dancers must be so pissed off that Cloris is still in the competition. I don't want to be mean, but I think Tucker Carlson might have been a better dancer than her. They do a pretty amazing lift where Corky grabs her arm and leg and swings her around. The thing is, it wouldn't have been impressive if Cloris were anyone else, and I'm just over her getting special treatment because she's old. Even Jerry Springer had the good grace to beg to go home at one point. When they finish, Cloris can't stop laughing and she begs the judges not to say anything to harsh her buzz. Bruno says that Cloris is the only person in the world who can "sell such nonsense as a cha cha cha." Cloris gets the crowd all riled up. Michael tells Cloris she's a legend and an inspiration, and he was told by his father not to say anything bad. He also thinks she's lucky to have Corky. Carrie Ann is upset that they lost Toni Braxton for this. She's totally telling the truth. Good for her! The audience boos, because they are idiots. Scores: Carrie Ann 5, Michael 5, and Bruno 5. Wow. That was even lower than I thought it would be. Backstage, Cloris says that her score is good. Corky says he's proud of his partner.

Cody and Julianne are up next. Last week, the judges loved their jitterbug, earning their first ten of the season. Julianne got really sick after the results show last week, so they lost some time. Cody focuses on his body posture a lot. Julianne makes him get a spray tan and also dye his hair darker. She even gives him a fake moustache to help him get into character. Of course, he's ridiculous. But he's kind of growing on me.

Somehow, Cody looks taller this week. He looks good with his hair slicked back. He's got good hip action, although some of his lines are not great. He needs to be more conscious of his hand and arm placements, specifically. Overall, it's one of his better routines, though. He actually looks like a dancer instead of a kid pretending to be a dancer. Carrie Ann thought it was an intense samba, and she liked that he's really going for it. Bruno thought the tone was all wrong this week, since there was no bounce. Isn't that Julianne's fault, though? Carrie Ann tells Bruno to sit down and shut up. Michael thinks that Cody has what it takes to be a great dancer, but tonight wasn't his best night. How does he know? Backstage, Julianne admits that she's got endometriosis and is having surgery to remove her appendix. Those two things don't seem related. Anyway, Edyta will be subbing in for Julianne as long as needed. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Michael 8, and Bruno 7.

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