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The judges loved Warren's hustle last week, but this week they have to do the rumba, which they knew Brooke and Derek were also doing. Kym suggested that they put a storyline into the dance. Warren felt like watching Toni leave last week brought home the reality that they could leave at any time.

They begin their rumba and Kym is acting like she's pissed at Warren, but he wins her over through the majesty of dance. Did I just see some hip action? From Warren? And some pretty impressive lunges. They do a lot of that walking around business at the beginning and the end that I kind of hate, but overall it seemed decent. Michael would have liked more dancing, but he enjoyed seeing a big guy like Warren act so sensitive. Carrie Ann thought it was sexy, and Tom tells her to stop flirting with him. She thinks that Warren is like Emmitt Smith, except he has more emotion. She also caught a mistake in the middle. Bruno liked the storyline, but he also caught the mistake in the middle, because Warren made a face. Backstage, Samantha asks Warren what his second-half strategy will be. Warren just plans to keep dancing. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Michael 9, and Bruno 8. Warren says he likes that new guy! They run off to get changed for the group routine.

Rehearsals for the group dance. Susan says it's the first time they've all been together learning the same routine. Brooke says that this routine takes her back to high school in the '80s, and Derek acts like that makes her old. The choreographer shows up and asks each dancer to show their best hip hop move. Brooke does the running man. Susan Lucci has no moves, and my husband says that's exactly what he would do -- plant his feet and hope for the best. Cody can beatbox. And then Cloris runs in with a giant boombox on her shoulder. Oh, God. The choreographer tries to get everyone to learn and Cloris complains and then spends time eating burritos. Maurice wants to challenge Warren, but Warren thinks Maurice is not even in his league. It seriously looks like Cloris is not even rehearsing, but is just sitting on the sidelines watching. Seriously, America. Stop voting for her. This is just getting sad.

The dance begins with everyone standing around in a parody of old school hip hop outfits and Cody beatboxing. And then Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock kick in. Oh, yeeeeeeeeah. This is my jam. Well, me and anyone else who was alive in 1988. The first solo spot goes to Cloris and Corky. Cloris punches the air while Corky does some breakdancing which is actually impressive since he's no spring chicken. When the whole group dances together, Cloris and Corky just stand up on the band's stage and do nothing. Which was probably a good direction from the choreographer. Susan Lucci also appears to struggle with the choreography. Warren is kind of awesome. Maurice and Cheryl get their solo spot and do a flip. Cody and Julianne do a booty shake. Lance and Warren move toward the front and do really well. Seriously, you guys, Warren is really good at learning choreography. Brooke and Derek have a faceoff with Warren and Kym. Susan Lucci is terrible. Susan and Lance just had a faceoff and I don't know what she was doing, but it was bad. Cloris finally comes back up front and pretends like she was part of the routine for the very end. I wish the pros would do a hip hop number because Lacey and Derek, in particular, were really awesome.

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