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The judges are allowed to comment although they won't be scoring. Bruno thinks some of them looked hip and some looked like a hip replacement. Cloris has to walk out in front of them and draw attention to herself. Michael says nothing interesting and Carrie Ann says that it took her back to her Fly Girl days. Totally! Those were totally Fly Girl moves. Those are like the days when my friend Bola and I used to tape Janet Jackson videos and then try to learn the whole routine. I still know the opening to "Nasty" right up until the back tuck, which I could not do.

The final standings:

Lance and Lacey: 27

Brooke and Derek: 26

Warren and Kym: 26

Susan and Tony: 23

Cody and Julianne: 23

Maurice and Cheryl: 21

Cloris and Corky: 15

Please, America. I beg of you. Send Cloris home. Even Susan deserves to stay longer, and I'm saying that after I just watched her ridiculous performance in that hip hop number.

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See how this season's contestants stack up to dancers of season's past.

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