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Ty and Chelsie saw his dancing compared to an army drill last week. In rehearsal, he and Chelsie have a laugh about it, and then move into the quickstep. She tries to get Ty to smile while he's dancing, since he tends to look serious while he's concentrating on the steps. He still looks pretty stiff, but that might work for the quickstep. Oof. They start with a high five and totally miss. Things pick up from there, though, as Ty hops and skips around the floor and generally looks like an actual dancer! I am surprised. He does get a little ahead of the beat at times and is lacking in any sort of musicality, but he looks graceful, which shocks the hell out of me. He even gets a half standing ovation (like half the people stand, not everyone stands up halfway, although that would be funny).

Carrie Ann yells "Yeehaw!" and says that it was smooth and he didn't miss a step, and he took advantage of the strength in his upper body from his day job riding bulls. Bruno loved how Ty took charge, and thought his posture was great. Len can't believe the metamorphosis, and compliments the posture as well. Samantha quickly asks them about what they might do in the bottom two dance-off tomorrow, like, way to assume that they'll be in it, loser. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 6 and Bruno 7.

Shawn Johnson did great with her waltz, which makes sense given her grace, but how will she do with the salsa? Mark tries to get her to move her hips and Shawn is too embarrassed to even try. This could be a problem. She also can't stop giggling at him doing the women's steps, and I can't really blame her. My favorite part is when she just rolls her eyes at him prancing around. Their dance begins, and Shawn's outfit is not my favorite -- the sides are cut out and it shows off how she is like a block of solid muscle from shoulders to hips. There's not an ounce of fat, but there's also not a lot of curve. I would kill for that body, but I wouldn't wear that dress if I had it. Anyway, the dance is sharp and quick, and she doesn't miss a step. The hip action is still not quite there, but she makes up for it in all the other areas. She just needs to loosen up a bit.

Bruno tells her that she's cute and charming, and had precision. He wants her to be "naughty and flirtatious," and Tom reminds her that Shawn is only seventeen. Len thought it was clean and precise, but he wants her to let it go a bit more. Carrie Ann loves her focus and her footwork. Whoo! Backstage, it becomes even more obvious that Shawn needs to lighten up on the spray tan. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8.

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