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So Lacey comes out alone to hear the judges' critique. Len says that her feels sorry for Steve, and he knows that dress rehearsal isn't the same as the finished product. That said, he didn't get it, and it was barely a salsa. Bruno thinks Steve is appealing, but this was "a series of unfortunate events," but there was no salsa. Carrie Ann thought their stunts were unnecessary, and didn't enhance the routine at all. Poor Lacey. Scores: Carrie Ann 5, Len 4 and Bruno 5. Backstage, Lacey says that they weren't dancing full out in the rehearsal, and they replay the incident again. She says they heard from the hospital that nothing's broken, but his back is really swollen.

Lil Kim and Derek got a lot of praise last week for their cha cha. In rehearsal, Kim has some trouble getting the elegance and grace of the quickstep until Derek starts talking to her about designers like Versace and Gucci, and then she gets it. They start their routine, and Kim's classy outfit is kind of ruined by her tattoos peeking out, in my opinion. Her moves are sharp when they need to be and flowing when they need to be and she kind of looks like a dancer in a '40s movie. It's good!

Bruno thinks it was vivacious and uplifting, and other than minor quibbles has no problems with it. Carrie Ann loved it and gives special praise to Derek's choreography. Len thinks Kim and Shawn need to learn from each other, because he thinks Kim had a lot of quantity but no quality. Carrie Ann and Bruno can't believe him, but Len says that they had no body contact in hold and need to be more refined. Leave it to Len to hold them to the actual ballroom dancing rules. How dare he! Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7 and Bruno 8.

Hey, remember Melissa? And how the Bachelor dumped her? And then she went on the show with only a few days rehearsal and blew it out of the water? So now she's back, and trying to learn the salsa. Her biggest problem in rehearsal is that she's used to doing big movements as a cheerleader, and she has to learn to tone it down. In their routine, Melissa comes out with a ton of energy and enthusiasm, and her footwork is sharp. There's something a touch off to me -- I think it's her posture. She's sticking her butt out a little. But it all moves so quickly that you can overlook the tiny problems, at least now. She has time to work on it before the competition narrows down. Anyway, they get a mostly standing ovation.

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