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Tom and Samantha give us the numbers to call one more time, and remind us that next week, everyone will dance again, and then the results will be on Tuesday. And there's some sort of dance-off for the bottom two? Which I don't really understand, but we'll see on Tuesday how that works out. At least it's more content for the results show, which is welcome. See you then! Here are the standings:

Gilles and Cheryl: 24

Melissa and Tony: 23

Lil Kim and Derek: 21

Chuck and Julianne: 20

DAG and Kym: 19

Holly and Dmitry: 18

Denise and Maks: 18

Belinda and Jonathan: 17

Steve-O and Lacey: 17

LT and Edyta: 16

Ty and Chelsie: 14

Woz and Karina: 13

Discuss this episode in our forums, then see which couple we think has the Best Odds!

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Dancing With The Stars




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