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Last night, the show turned into a weird class system, with a bunch of people doing really well and a bunch of people doing really terribly and not a lot of middle ground. So there will be another dance-off tonight. GREAT! Another chance to see the two worst dances from last night. Can't wait. And it's all happening LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Some highlights from the interview segments during the recap of all the routines: Tony doing a little victory dance to celebrate his tie for first place, Denise laughing that they'll probably be in the bottom two, Maks just looking dazed like, "WTF have I gotten myself into?" and Karina's bizarre Little Orphan Annie hairdo. How did I not notice that last night?

Right off, they're going to reveal four couples that are safe: Melissa and Tony, Gilles and Cheryl, Shawn and Mark and... WTF? Karina and Woz? The judges are PISSED. My husband totally called it. Karina screams loudly and jumps around. I guess there was a judge backlash and it got people to call in? Look, I'm not going to try to argue about the integrity of this show, because it is a silly dancing show, but this is ridiculous. Why does the audience hate me? And yes, it is all about me.

Samantha is talking to Gilles, Shawn, Melissa and Woz backstage. Gilles says that even when you have high scores, it's still scary to be standing out there, and he always hopes people will call. Shawn says that she is glad it paid off, since she worked hard to be elegant, which doesn't come naturally to her. Melissa is flattered that people think she makes dancing look easy, but she has to work really hard. Woz says that he's more shocked than he's ever been, except the time he got served with divorce papers. Can you imagine being married to him? I wonder if he had a pre-nup. Ooh, I just looked it up and he's currently on his fourth marriage. Wow.

Tom is ready to reveal some more couples that will be returning next week. The safe couples are: Lawrence and Edyta, David and Kym, Chuck and Julianne, and Lil Kim and Derek. I was wondering where Kim and Derek were! I figured they would be in the first group. Tom promises that we'll find out the bottom two in a few minutes. I wonder if Steve-O might just forfeit if he's in the bottom two.

Next week, they are introducing two new dances: the Lindy Hop, and the Argentine Tango. So Cloris Leachman (blech) and Corky Ballas (double blech) are back to demonstrate. Oh, it's a taped segment, at least, and they're totally ripping on Cloris' age and lack of dancing ability. It's funny but I do really miss when Len used to give a little tutorial on each type of dance every week. Did that happen or did I imagine it? I do like knowing what specific moves the judges are looking for; it helps me to understand the scores, I think. I feel like they could cut out at least one trash-talking segment each week, or one of Samantha's stupid questions and fit that in. Anyway, that segment was as funny as Cloris and Corky always are. To me that is not funny, but clearly some people like them.

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