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Shawn and Mark have been impressing the judges, so they've got a lot to live up to this week. Shawn video chats with her friends, and they squeal a lot. In rehearsals, Shawn tried to learn how to be smooth and elegant, since that's what the foxtrot requires. Their foxtrot is really beautiful. I can't find many nits to pick about it. I do notice that Shawn is sometimes pigeon-toed, but that was like one foot placement.

Carrie Ann can't stop gushing over the routine, and says Shawn was gliding like she was on ice. Len thought it was fluid and it was their best dance so far. Bruno says it was like "watching a beautiful, bejeweled hummingbird." Tom thought he said "hamburg," and I admit that I had to rewind it and turn on the captioning to figure that one out as well. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9 and Bruno 9.

Last week, Gilles and Cheryl got the highest scores given at that point. Gilles feels like he needs to perform better than others because no one knows who the hell he is. In rehearsal, Cheryl is super mean! I'm sure that works with some people, but it would just piss me off. Gilles' mom came from France to watch him rehearse, and she gets verklempt at how beautifully he dances. So the samba begins with some crazy bum-shaking, and then some crazy shoulder-shaking. More than anyone we've seen, Gilles seems to get that whole up-and-down movement thing, as well as great hip action. There's one sequence where he glides down the side of the floor, beckoning to the audience, and golly, he's pretty. And moves well. I have to give Cheryl her props, too -- the choreography fits the song perfectly. I would like to see more actual dancing in hold from them, but I guess that's for other routines. I thought this was easily the best routine of the season so far. All the ladies in the audience are screaming and clapping.

Len says that Gilles is a good dancer, although the opening lacked rhythm. The audience boos, but Gilles yells out that Len is right. Len concludes that Gilles made a hard dance look easy. Bruno thinks Gilles is "a red hot poker" and made everybody want to party. Carrie Ann giggles that Gilles makes Cheryl work it even harder, and he shook things that she didn't know guys could shake. Whoa, someone get Carrie Ann a cold compress. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9 and Bruno 9. So they're tied with Mark and Shawn for top score so far.

DAG and Kym didn't satisfy the judges last week. In rehearsals, DAG says that he needs to show how much he loves dancing and performing in his routines. I think DAG needs to start doing yoga or something, because his hamstring flexibility needs some work. He's got great hip flexibility (witness his high kicks), but something is still off. They begin their foxtrot with DAG doing some Ben Vereen shit with a bowler hat and high kicks. They move into hold and DAG still seems too stiff in his upper body. I think he's trying so hard to have good posture that he looks stiff. He gets a little out of sync at one point, but unlike Steve-O, he doesn't let you know it via his facial expressions and immediately catches right back up. Overall, it was good but after the last two routines, he's obviously not a front-runner.

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