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Lil Kim is a Grammy winner? Anyway, her quickstep put her near the top of the scoreboard last week. This week, she's got the samba. She really needs to put her hair (extensions) up during rehearsal, because her hair is totally getting in Derek's face. Derek says that he can push Kim, and she'll always work hard. Kim loves the part of rehearsal where she gets to shake it, too. In the actual routine, things are a bit shaky. First, Kim looks like she has unshaven armpits, and while I shouldn't care, it's distracting. She does okay in the beginning, but she never looks like she's actually dancing. She's all up in her head. That changes when she gets to do a solo stripper-type move where she rotates her hips around, but then she gets off a little bit near the end and never quite recovers.

Bruno calls Kim "a pocket-sized Venus with a supersized sex appeal." He admits that it wasn't perfect, but she sold it. Carrie Ann thinks Kim has what Melissa is missing -- the ability to perform. Len thinks Kim has "a bionic booty." He also asks Derek to remember the fundamentals of the dance. I kind of love the relationship between those two. Len never asks other pros to put in specific steps. Backstage, Kim says that she wants to try to get better and be the perfect ballroom dancer. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 9. I agree with those scores. They had to take a point or so off for the screw-ups, or I think she would have had all nines.

Interesting that they put Ty in the final spot, since that's typically reserved for someone that they think is going to impress us. It's not called the pimp spot for nothing. I would have expected Gilles or Melissa to be here. Anyway, last week, Ty showed that he might stay more than a week or two with his quickstep. In rehearsal, they work on the foxtrot. Ty jokes that he's not a good enough actor to remember all the steps and also play a character, which is what Chelsie wants. They start their routine with Ty in a top hat walking down the steps, and he does well, but when they move into hold, he looks absolutely terrified. As they're doing some footwork, Chelsie slips a bit, but recovers quickly. They continue the routine fairly well, but Ty stumbles a bit near the end again. I think those two glitches mess with his confidence, because he stiffens up again.

Carrie Ann thinks Ty is the most improved, and she admires the way he handled Chelsie's slip. Len thinks it was stiff and lacked musicality, and Carrie Ann totally interrupts him. He dismisses her and says that he thought the whole thing was fantastic. Bruno thinks Ty looked like "a mini Fred Astaire," and they handled the glitches well. The way they're heaping on praise, I wonder if we're watching the same routines. I mean, it was passable, but it wasn't great, even without the glitches. Backstage, everyone gives them a standing ovation. Ty jokes that he was the one that was supposed to fall, and they didn't practice that! Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 7. Chelsie thinks that's great, especially since she practically fell down.

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