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Double Trouble

Tom says that next week, some of the couples will be doing the paso doble. So some of the pros will be dancing that routine right now as Kevin Rudolf performs. I didn't think I knew who this dude was, but I do know the song. I think I heard it on Gossip Girl. That's pretty much the only place I'm ever exposed to new music. The pros dancing are Lacey, Julianne, and Chelsie with Derek and some other dude. The beginning part is kind of dull, but then Derek and Julianne come out and do a section in and out of hold, and Lacey and the other guy follow suit. Those parts are quite amazing. Kevin Rudolf looks like he might be 42 years old, though. I think I liked him better when I didn't know who he was.

Backstage, Samantha interviews the three couples whose fate has been revealed. Cheryl says it's easy to have chemistry. LT says that every day of the week is stressful, except for Tuesday when you get to find out how much the fans love you. Edyta says she's proud of her partner, especially since he never danced before. Holly says she is stressed out about possibly being eliminated, but at least she will have a buddy. She says she hated the dance-off last week, but tonight she kind of wishes she could do it since she screwed up her routine last night.

As Samantha throws it back to Tom, Bruno is doing something goofy that we don't get to see. Tom then reveals that Shawn and Mark are safe while managing to make a crack about Mark's outfit. Yeah, Mark really needs to rein the Corky in.

Since we already saw the paso doble, now we get to see next week's other routine, the Viennese waltz, as choreographed by Louis Van Amstel. I'm trying to figure out who the pros are as they twirl around to "You Fill Up My Senses." I think I spot Jonathan and Anna, and Louis of course. It's really a pretty routine, and well-synchronized. The spins are all happening at the same rate and at the same time, which has to be difficult.

Then there's a clip package where the various stars reveal how scared they are of the double elimination. Woz doesn't understand how it works. Well, the two lowest scoring couples go home. How is that hard to understand? Isn't he supposed to be smart? Basically, they all agree that it's scary and that they aren't ready to go home yet.

As Tom gets ready to reveal some more fates, Gilles is noticeably absent. Apparently, he had to use the men's room. He runs in just as the lights go down. The next couple to be saved is Chuck and Julianne. And the next couple in the bottom three is Steve-O and Lacey. So I'm guessing that the third couple in the bottom is DAG and Kym. Boooo!

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