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Hey, remember Boyz II Men? They'll make love to you? They have a hard time saying goodbye to yesterday? They've come to the end of the road? They're not too hard, not too soft? I apparently remember them (and their songs) quite well. Well, they are back! Like the New Kids! And they are performing a medley of Motown songs for your audio-visual pleasure. Cheryl, Tony, Kym, and Dmitry will be dancing along. I will say this for the Boyz -- they are doing some vigorous choreography given that they must be at least my age if not older. Cheryl is dancing with Tony while Dmitry dances with Kym. Cheryl has really toned up in the off-season. Her cut-outs at the waist no longer make me uncomfortable. The ironic thing is that the Boyz sound great on the two covers they do, but sound kind of terrible on "End of the Road." They look like they know it too. Maybe they caught Samantha's illness.

Samantha is backstage with more couples. Chuck says he's thrilled that they got a standing ovation for the first time last night. Steve-O says that he's not used to dealing with stress and pressure without drugs and alcohol and he's proud every day that he doesn't get loaded. The audience laughs, but he's totally serious and for once, Samantha actually has an appropriate reaction as she says that he's doing great.

Let's kill some time by finding out what the judges think of the season so far. Carrie Ann thinks it might be the best season so far. Bruno encourages the couples to use the pressure in a positive way. Shawn executes Mark's directions to perfection. Chuck needs to step it up to match his partner. Holly needs to project more passion. Woz is a joy to watch, even if he can't dance. Melissa needs to stretch herself. LT has to loosen up and sell himself. Kim gives the audience what they want. DAG needs to relax and push himself. Can you do both at the same time? Gilles has the passion and knows how to make the ladies swoon. Ty is a great athlete but needs to loosen up. Steve-O needs to lighten up, especially given what he's been through. The judges all agree that they'll give out good scores for good and entertaining routines. I know I'm a nerd, but I would like more specific examples in that montage. Like show me an example of Ty being too uptight or Holly lacking passion instead of just random clips chosen by some editing monkey. I guess that's the composition instructor in me, always looking for opinions supported by specific examples. And television doesn't work that way.

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