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Double Trouble

So let's find out who else is safe! The next safe couple is... Kim and Derek. Yay! And the next safe couple is... Melissa and Tony. Well, really? Did you think they'd be in the bottom? Even if she weren't a great dancer, she's still riding that tide of good will from The Bachelor.

Now that the judges have had their say, the stars get to talk about how hard they try to impress the judges. They all agree that they do what they can, but they also have to work on impressing the audience at home. Because we hate good dancing. So it's difficult to make both sides happy. At least that's the message I'm getting. We're reminded that the judges' scores count for half of the couple's total, and the audience vote counts for the other half. Each couple's judge score is turned into a percentage of the total points allotted. So for example, if the total of all scores that night was a 300, and Gilles and Cheryl got a 30, they would be awarded 10% for the judges' half. The same is done for the audience vote, although the numbers are obviously much bigger. So it's not as much about how many votes someone gets as it is about how many MORE votes they get than anyone else. You can vote by phone, online, or by text message. Chuck points out that Woz got a 10 total and then wasn't in the bottom two, which shows how important the audience vote is. So part of their strategies have to be to fire up their fanbase through personal appearances and such. And if you're Woz, unleash your nerd army! As a nerd, I'm kind of offended that anyone thinks I might vote for Woz. OR that I don't have anything better to do than sign up for eighty different e-mail addresses so that I can power vote online.

Tom is now going to reveal that third couple in the bottom three. Ty and Chelsie... are safe. Woz and Karina... are in the bottom three. Karina looks PISSED. DAG and Kym are safe! Yay! Oh, no. I'm starting to get my hopes up. Tamp it down! Tamp it down!

After the break, it's time to find out who's going home. And the first couple eliminated is... Holly and Dmitry. They aren't shocked or anything. Holly does her nervous giggle a few times, and kind of looks like she's about to cry. So who is the other couple going home? It's... Woz and Karina!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just broke into a chorus of "Oh happy day" all up in my living room. Hey, remember like two paragraphs ago when I said that I wasn't overly invested in this show? I might be wrong.

Samantha is allowed to talk again to question the losers. Holly says that it was way more physically challenging than she thought it would be. Woz babbles some nonsense, but does have nice things to say about how well Holly and Dmitry did in dress rehearsal. Woz praises the show and the voting system and finally remembers that he has a partner. Holly and Dmitry talk about how awesome their partner is too, and then it's a four-way goodbye dance. Well, Karina can go plan her wedding now. I hope her plans include getting a new hairstyle, because hers has been BAD lately. And I'll see you next week!

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