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Len thought it was fun and energetic, but they lost rhythm at times. Bruno liked to see DAG's energy, but thought he lost the timing on his footwork sometimes. Carrie Ann points out that they kicked up the energy near the end, which is tough to do with such an exhausting routine. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 7. They're very happy with those scores. DAG sings his pleasure with the judges and Samantha says that the Broadway version of that is coming soon to the theater near you. The Broadway version? In a theater? Holy mixed metaphors.

Lil Kim and Derek are up next. Last week, Len told Kim that she had a "bionic booty," and Derek wants to capitalize on their upward score momentum. Derek explains in rehearsals that the tango is very serious, and there's no smiling. Kim has a hard time with it because they usually joke around a lot in rehearsals, but she tries to stay in character while remembering the footwork. Derek isn't that familiar with the dance either, so they learn it together, and Kim hopes it all works out. Kim looks really beautiful as they start their routine. I think she's lost weight because her waist is tiny. Their routine is seriously a thing of beauty. The shapes that they make with the bodies, the flicks and kicks of their feet, and the well-timed lifts all combine to make a routine that is a joy to watch. More than once I said, "Wow!" out loud. The audience clearly agrees, as they give a standing ovation.

Bruno thought it was "a tale about fatal beauty, enticing strangers, and the promise of forbidden pleasures." Tom cracks that Bruno is starting to look like "a really tan Bela Lugosi." Bruno is strangely tan this week. Carrie Ann loves how much Kim has improved, especially her lines. Len loved the choreography, but not the sensuality. The audience boos, and Bruno and Carrie Ann disagree with him. Bruno says that the fire department was parked outside it was so hot. Backstage, Kim says that she smiles a lot but she had to rein it in for her dance, and it was her favorite routine so far. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 10. The audience erupts for the first 10 of the season. I think that score was deserved. That was the best routine I've seen so far this season, and a lot of it was due to Derek's choreography.

Hey, did you know Chuck and Julianne are a real-life couple? I don't know if that's been mentioned. Last week, Chuck finally earned a little praise, but now they have to do the Lindy Hop, and you know Julianne will be running around the floor like a maniac. The problem in rehearsals is that Chuck has a huge fear of landing on his head. He seriously won't shut up about landing on his head. Julianne changes up the choreography to accommodate him. I wonder if she would have done that for anyone else. Chuck looks like a big dork as they practice, and not in a good way. As previously mentioned, they are dressed like '50s soda jerks for their routine. Chuck does a lot of dancing for this one; I don't know if it's dancing, but it's definitely athletic and they take advantage of Chuck's height to do a lot of tricks. At one point he throws Julianne so high that I thought she was going to end up in the third row. A lot of the choreography seems recycled from Julianne's jitterbug routine last season, though, with more lifts and throws put into it. I don't know if the judges care about that or not, but there were a few sections that looked awfully familiar.

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