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Ty (who is quickly becoming a favorite of the forum posters) and Chelsie are up next. Except they screw up and start Woz's clip package at first, but quickly switch to Ty's. Chelsie apologizes for tripping over her dress during their routine last week. (Love that his solution was to get her a shorter dress. - Angel) This week, they have the Lindy Hop, which is fast and Ty needs to learn to stay on the beat by himself. Chelsie is psyched that Ty is so strong from his day job of bull riding, because she plans a lot of tricks. That's great as long as he doesn't kill his partner, and he drops her a lot during rehearsal. So how's their routine? Well, Chelsie was brilliant to put a lot of tricks in there, because they are impressive but she also doesn't need to worry about him keeping the beat or doing footwork. During the sections where he's supposed to be in hold, it's fairly obvious that he has zero sense of rhythm. But man, does he throw her really high in the air. And he's also full of energy; unlike DAG, he doesn't lose intensity in the middle of the routine.

Bruno was impressed with Ty's strength, but he's a bit rough around the edges. Carrie Ann thinks Ty is a DANCER and can't believe the improvement. Len says that Ty has gone far beyond his expectations, and has come so far since Len gave him a four in the first week. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Ty promises that others might outdance him but they won't outwork him, and he feels like he's getting the hang of it.

Last week, Woz got horrible judge scores and still stayed out of the bottom two. I don't get it. Look, I understand a little bit the whole Vote for the Worst mentality, just to eff with the show. But Woz has positioned this as a "Let's stick it to the pretty people" thing for his nerd followers. Have they seen his partner? I think she qualifies as one of the pretty people. And Gilles, for example, may be "one of the pretty people," but both on the show and in interviews, he comes off as one of the nicest, most sincere people they've ever had. So it makes sense to boost Woz over him? Ty is the same way, and he's not nearly as pretty as Gilles. And I don't kid myself that this is a dancing competition; it's a popularity contest. But I watch the show to see people in silly costumes do dance routines, not to see chubby guys with an inflated sense of self-importance wiggle around like my drunkle at a wedding. I admire Woz's accomplishments, but I don't get why he needs to add, "Used my nerd army to upset the natural order of a ridiculous dancing reality show" to the list. That's all. So this week, they are doing the Argentine tango. Karina tries to get Woz to affect an angry face, and works on some difficult steps with him. Woz claims that the judges hate him and the fans love him. The judges don't hate you, dude. They are judging your dancing, which is horrific. That's their job. Don't make it personal. Then there's a stupid segment involving his Segway and I'm just so over this. Blech.

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