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Len thinks Melissa has the potential to go all the way, and points out that their last lift could have been smoother. Bruno thought it was "bursting with excitement" and she showed the full range of steps. Carrie Ann gives Melissa and Tony both a high five, and says that was Tony's best choreography ever. So no one but me noticed the lack of flicking on the kicks? Tony gooses Tom before they go backstage. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10. Wow. Guess I'm wrong on the flicking the foot thing. I still think Kim and Derek's routine was better, though. (Me too. -- AC)

Holly survived the dance-off last week, and has the Argentine tango this week. Do you think that Holly wears the same pink shorts in rehearsal every day, or do you think she has multiple pair of the same shorts? Turns out that Holly injured her ribs during last week's routine, and she keeps having to stop rehearsing due to the pain. There's a long sniffle session in the bathroom and then she goes to the doctor and learns she strained the muscle around her ribs. Practicing won't permanently damage anything. And then she's suddenly fine. Vicodin? Percocet? Anyway, the routine isn't horrible, but Holly does a lot of standing around and then in the middle she clearly totally forgets a section where she's supposed to be doing footwork. The music is really weird too. It's very '70s educational film.

Bruno says they got off to a bad start and then it got worse, and he knows she lost her confidence. He points out that Dmitry was doing all the work, and she needs to "drop the Barbie and bring out the vixen." Carrie Ann gives Holly credit for pushing through her pain, but it wasn't strong enough. Len compliments Dmitry's routine, especially one complicated trick. He thinks Holly focused on her opening mistake throughout and it ruined the rest of the routine. Holly's annoying machine gun giggle is totally back. Ugh. Hate that. Scores: Carrie Ann 5, Len 6, and Bruno 5. Backstage, Holly feels awful because Dmitry made such a great routine and she screwed it up. She shows off a particularly bad bruise as well.

Steve-O and Lacey are finally relatively healthy and ready to do an actual routine, since we haven't seen that from Steve-O since the first week. During rehearsals, Steve-O feels overloaded because the Lindy Hop is so chaotic and there are so many different steps. Lacey brings out a clown outfit for him, since that's his background. He actually looks really cute as a clown. Lacey has him do the routine dressed as a clown and it frees him up to do the big movements required. So does it work when he has to do the routine for the judges with no clown uniform? Well. Um. It's not very good. But I can't tell how much is Steve-O's lack of skill and how much is Lacey's choreography. It feels mostly like they do an eight count of kicks and then Lacey runs to another part of the floor and then Steve-O follows her, then another eight-count, then running. There's not a lot of actual dancing. Not to mention that the tempo is crazy slow for a Lindy Hop, relative to the others we've seen tonight. I would rate them above Woz and Holly, but barely. And maybe not above Holly.

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