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Carrie Ann is sad that Steve-O has had such a rough road with the injuries. She's glad he got through the routine, but he's still following Lacey instead of leading. Len is also glad he got through the routine, but he needs to work on staying on the beat. Bruno encourages him to listen to the music and not to overthink it so much. Carrie Ann also pointed out that Steve-O is developmentally three weeks behind everyone because of his injuries, so his skill level now is where everyone else was in week two. Scores: Carrie Ann 5, Len 5, and Bruno 5. Steve-O jokes, "That's the same as last week. What are they thinking?"

Last week, everyone enjoyed seeing Gilles shake his ass, and he and Cheryl got great scores. This week, they have the Argentine tango, and Gilles struggles because he puts so much pressure on himself. Cheryl encourages him to use his acting skills and get into the character and the romance and the sexiness. And wow, if their routine has any of the intensity of their rehearsals, this could be great. Let's see. And...wow. Gilles does a fantastic job taking gliding steps instead of just walking across the floor. Cheryl put in some extremely complicated locking footwork in the middle that they made seem effortless, and their movements are so sharp and clean. It's really amazing. They get an immediate standing ovation that goes on for quite some time. This is why I wish there was a top two dance-off instead of a bottom two -- I'd love to see this routine stacked up against Derek and Kim's routine. Len loves how they captured the opposing dynamics of hard and soft, quick and slow, and says they were the first to do so properly. Bruno thought Gilles was "the quintessential Latin lover" and had "deadly animal magnetism and ferocious intensity." Carrie Ann is blushing and fanning herself. She says she couldn't tell who was the professional and who was the celebrity, which is totally true. Backstage, Gilles says that it's easy to fall in love with Cheryl when he dances, and quickly clarifies that he means that in a dance way, since his wife is in the audience and all. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. The season's first perfect score, and it was totally deserved. I couldn't see any flaws, and obviously the judges didn't either. And you know what I just realized? They didn't really do any fancy tricks or lifts, and they were still perfect. Gilles says that Cheryl deserves all of the credit for their scores.

Last week, Shawn and Mark were tied for first, and this week they have the Lindy Hop. Mark is thrilled that Shawn can add her tricks and flips to the routine. They head to the gym so Shawn can show off her skills on the beam and the floor. When they finally hit the dance floor in rehearsal, Shawn is happy to be more in her comfort zone with this routine. Well, they've set my expectations high. The whole conceit of their routine is that Mark is a nerd in short shorts, eyeglasses, and knee-high gym socks. I guess. I don't really get it, and I'm a little tired of Mark's nerd character since he busts that out every season and it's not nearly as funny as he thinks it is. Shawn opens the routine by doing a tumbling pass and then they dance around. There are lots of flips, lifts, and tricks, but it's lacking something for me, and I can't pinpoint it. Grace? Rhythm? Musicality? It just seems like stunt after stunt, which isn't really dancing. The audience digs it thought, and I bet it was thrilling to watch in person.

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