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So who is in the bottom two? Well, it's not Ty and Chelsie. That means DAG and Kym and LT and Edyta are in the dance-off. First to repeat their routine are DAG and Kym and their crazy feather fans. DAG really puts his all into it. At first, he was doing that weird thing where he looks up and off into the distance, but then he started actually looking at Kym and it got a lot better. He was making facial expressions! That matched the music. Judges? Len says he enjoyed it last night and he thinks it was a little more expressive tonight. Bruno says that they worked well under pressure. Carrie Ann saw an improvement in their connection and the emotion of the dance. Backstage, DAG jokes that he was planning from the first week to be in the dance-off this week. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8 for a 24, which is two higher than they had last night.

Now LT and Edyta have to reprise their paso doble. It starts out a little shaky, but by the end I see the intensity that I didn't see from them last night. The audience doesn't seem all that thrilled. Bruno thinks LT has even more potential but he needs to match his intensity in the second half with the first half. Carrie Ann thinks the music was difficult, so she compliments his ability to stay with it. Len agrees about the music, and thinks LT could do even better with better music. Edyta looks seriously miserable. I don't know what's up with her. Backstage, LT is smiling and laughing but he can't quite articulate why. Edyta says she's stressed out about being in the dance-off. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 7, and Bruno 7. So they got a 20, which is equal to what they got last night. So now they have to do the math during the break, and then we'll find out who's going home.

And it's time for the big announcement! Seriously, Edyta looks like she's about to cry. But who's going home? DAG and Kym. Edyta looks truly sad about it. I don't know if she's sad because she liked them or because she wanted to go home. The audience gives DAG a standing ovation. DAG says that it has been great dancing with Kym and enjoying the camaraderie backstage. Tom asks Kym about how DAG freaked her out in the beginning. She says that she just didn't get him at the beginning, and then they send them out for their last dance. See you next week!

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