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Tears of a Clown

Four couples are left. Who else is safe? Tom tells us that it's Gilles and Cheryl. Then there's a commercial break before we find out the next couple that will be returning next week. That couple is... Chuck and Julianne.

Tom reminds us that the two remaining couples are not necessarily the bottom two. Carrie Ann says that if Steve-O goes home, we would lose a lot of determination and positive energy. Len says that if Ty goes home, we'd lose a lot of enthusiasm and someone with a lot of potential. Bruno has to say who he thinks should come back. He dodges the question at first, but then says that Ty is the better dancer. So that time's been wasted and it's finally time to find out who's going home. And the big losers this week are... Steve-O and Lacey.

Steve-O says that he's met a lot of challenges and made a lot of mistakes. He looks actually grateful and happy. Tom compares Steve-O to Jerry Springer in the way that he overcame negative expectations and charmed everyone. And then Steve-O says that Lacey was really patient with him and his tendency to man-struate. That's not really how you want to leave everyone, is it? But that's what happened. See you next week.

What's more depressing than has-beens grasping at fame? Find out.

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