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We're halfway through the competition! And Tom is setting up Gilles to be the frontrunner, and from what I've heard about his rehearsals this week, they've got nothing to worry about. So this week, people are either dancing the jive or the rumba, and it looks like lots of people fell down during rehearsal. I think they should do an America's Funniest Home Videos homage with Tom and show people falling down or getting hit in the nuts. It couldn't be worse than some of the other wacky ideas this show has put together. Well, whatever they do show, it's all going to be done LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Enter the dancing couples! It's funny to me how you can totally tell based on the costumes who's dancing the jive and who's dancing the rumba. Cute, short skirt, possible '50s influence = jive and flowy/sexy gown with sparkles and lace = rumba. I'm not sure how it's the halfway point of the show given that there are eight remaining contestants out of thirteen. Is my math off? I guess it's halfway chronologically if not in terms of the number of contestants eliminated, since more than one couple goes to the finals.

Ty and Chelsie are up first. Ty did not fare so well last week. Ty earns my love when he says in the confessional that the audience boos the judges, but the judges are usually right. Thank you! Shut up, audience. Or as Celebrity Apprentice's Herschel Walker would say, "Jest shet up!" So Chelsie is trying to get Ty to loosen up his upper body during rehearsals. She brings in a mini-trampoline and a hula hoop so that he can practice his bouncing and hip action. Ty promises that he might not be good, but he will always try as hard as he can. Well, that will earn him some votes at least; the audience loves it when you try and don't act too cool for school, Kim Kardashian. Their cowboy-themed routine starts out with a lot of Ty standing around while Chelsie dances around him, but they manage to make it work thematically, like Ty is the cool cowboy who is enticed into dance by Chelsie. Once he does start dancing, it's not terrible, although he has a grimace on his face like he's bracing himself. In the middle, he gets a little lost but he manages to get back on track within about an eight-count, and they finish strong. It's not great; it's better than last week.

Len thinks Ty looks bewildered, and he gives it his all, but it wasn't that good. Bruno thought the non-jive portions were good, but the jive portions were all wrong. Carrie Ann thought it was exciting, but this dance doesn't play to Ty's strengths. In other words, the judges really like Ty, but it's getting to the point where his lack of skill has to come into play. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 6. Ty says it's four points better than the first week.

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