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Mark and Shawn got great marks with their waltz last week. This week, they have the rumba which is another romantic dance. It always freaks me out a little bit when Mark speaks with his native British accent because I forget that is his normal accent. It always sounds like a put-on. Anyway, Shawn never got to go to her prom, so Mark puts together a prom for her in the rehearsal studio. And I guess that helps? I don't know. Anyway, their rumba is surprisingly awesome. It starts with Shawn dancing alone, and she looks graceful instead of what sometimes comes off as gymnastic floor routine posing. And she sells the routine, which she hasn't done for me yet this season. I buy that she's romantically interested in Mark, not in a searing hot Gilles/Cheryl way, but in a natural way. Her moves look great, and the chemistry is there, but it's not ooky. They hit just the right pitch.

The audience gives them a standing O. Bruno thought it demonstrated the innocent side of romance, with a little bit of the devil, which isn't bad. He just wanted a little more hip action. Carrie Ann could tell Shawn was uncomfortable in the beginning. Really? I didn't see it, but I'm not there. Len thought they got the heat of the performance just right. Hey, that's what I said! I could sub in for Len! Except that I know absolutely nothing about dance except for what I've picked up watching this show, which is just above zero. Backstage, Mark emphasizes that he tried to keep it fun and age-appropriate. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 9. I thought that was actually underscored, and I don't even like Mark.

LT and Edyta are up next. Edyta is working really hard to act all smiley and like she wants to be there. LT has the jive this week. She looks so beat down in their rehearsals and LT is just yelling and swearing all over the place. So they bring Warren Sapp back to try to cheer the place up a little bit. Warren encourages LT to show his personality during the routine and it seems to work a little bit. LT seems like he's having fun for the first time all season. Will it carry over to their routine? Oh, no. Edyta has gone back to the weird legwarmer things. Along with her high ponytail, she kind of looks like a pony. Their routine is not bad. I think LT responds a lot better to the upbeat, old school songs. It's just a little rote. You can see LT counting in his head. There's just no joy, and now that I have Warren Sapp in my head, I can't help but compare the passion of the two football players, and LT is lacking.

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