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Carrie Ann thinks LT has his groove back, and she likes him having fun. She does scold Edyta for an unnecessary lift since Edyta did a back flip. Len enjoyed seeing the lighter side of LT's personality, and wishes he could be a little lighter on his feet. Bruno thinks Warren really helped, and LT was hitting his counts all the way through. Did we see the same performance? Maybe the judges are trying to be nice so that they won't encourage people to vote for LT because they think the judges are picking on him. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 8. That's their best score yet. Maybe I'm letting my annoyance for LT's attitude get in the way. LT says that Warren reminded him to have fun out there.

Melissa and Tony made some mistakes last week but managed to finish their routine anyway. Tony opens by making a comment about Melissa pretending she's wearing a big engagement ring to get her hand position right, and you can imagine how that goes over. Anyway, Tony explains that the rumba is romantic and sexy, and Melissa worries that she'll have a hard time getting into character because Tony is such a goofball. But Tony is really pleased with how well she picks up the routine and the character. So their routine is done to "If I Were A Boy" by Beyonce, and I don't normally comment much on the quality of the music, but the singer is just killing this song and I don't mean that like TJ Lavin on Real World/Road Rules Challenge where he's giving a compliment. I mean it in the sense of, "This song might never be able to be sung again, because she has murdered it and buried it in the ground." So that's a problem. And then the routine itself just doesn't do it for me, and I actually blame the choreography more than the execution. There's no story to the rumba, and no passion, and it doesn't flow very well. Not my cup of tea.

Len thought it was clean and precise with interesting choreography, but he thought it could have been more earthy and less balletic. Bruno demonstrates the beautiful shapes that Melissa creates and nearly knocks Len out in the process. He wants to see "Melissa the Maneater" and I turn to my husband and go, "Manatee?" and he says, "Anteater?" and we laughed for like twenty minutes. Carrie Ann also liked it but has some specific criticism about hips and weight and feet and whatnot. Tom takes a moment to recognize the band, which is bad timing, because that was baaaaaaaaaaaad. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Overscored. Shawn and Mark were better. Before they go to break, Tom has to tell Bruno they can't have a conversation right now because he has a show to do. Love Tom.

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