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Carrie Ann thought it was "oddly mesmerizing," and I'm not sure that's a compliment. She likes how he commits to the dance and is honest and vulnerable. Len thinks that this was movement and not dancing, since there was no hip action and no footwork. Bruno says, "Thank God for racy Lacey!" Bruno compares Steve-O to a confused puppy, and people respond to that, but the dancing is bad. I don't get why they are so mean to Steve-O but kind to Ty and LT, who I think are nearly as bad. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 4, and Bruno 5. Whoa. Len, seriously? Damn. It wasn't THAT bad.

Gilles and Cheryl have the penultimate dance this week. Wonder why they're not holding him off for last? Maybe they don't want to make it seem like the winner is a foregone conclusion? Cheryl advises Gilles that he needs to be fun this week, but when he tries, she tells him that he has to try to look cool. I seriously could not deal with Cheryl's teaching style. It seems to work for Gilles, obviously, but she's kind of mean and bitchy. I would need more of a Derek, who seems encouraging and positive. Gilles and Cheryl go play indoor soccer. I guess there's a kick connection? Anyway, their jive is freaking amazing. The one thing that strikes me initially is that, unlike just about all of the other celebrities, Cheryl is comfortable letting Gilles dance alone, and he can pull it off. Usually it's the pro who gets a solo move while the celebrity stands by and snaps his or her fingers or whatever. And this routine is FAST! There's a ton of content and I don't know how Gilles and Cheryl don't have a coronary. There's one tiny moment in the middle where Gilles gets a little off the beat but he fixes it pretty quickly, and I think the intensity didn't quite hold up throughout the whole routine. But other than that, it was really amazing, and probably even better than Kim and Derek due to the increased content.

Len enjoyed the footwork, but he did catch a slip-up, and thought it was frantic like their paso doble. Tom makes a joke about Len being old. Bruno thought it was "fast and furious" and tells him to watch out for losing the sharpness with the speed. Carrie Ann likes that Gilles is multifaceted, but thinks he needs to watch his arms. Man! I am crazy tonight. Usually I tend to agree with the judges for the most part, but tonight it's all off. And at least they didn't do a '50s theme, which it seems like everyone else does with the jive. Backstage, Gilles says that this was the hardest routine he's ever done. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 9. Man! I still think it was underscored. I don't think Melissa and Tony were better. Maybe they're just trying to keep it interesting, because if Gilles is on top every week, it's boring.

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