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The final couple to perform is Chuck and Julianne. The judges liked them last week, but I thought they were boring, especially for Julianne. This week, they have the rumba. Chuck talks about how he feels pressure to show chemistry with Julianne, since they are together. Julianne has a hard time getting Chuck to follow her instructions because he thinks she's being mean. He's kind of a baby. So they go to the site of their first date and relive it, which seems to help. At least for the purposes of this clip package. But Chuck really needs to cut it with all this "be a man" stuff, because it's lame. So their routine starts and Chuck, the man, is wearing a sheer black lace shirt with sparkles. I can't believe he agreed to wear that one. Julianne is dressed in lingerie. Seriously. With thigh high stockings. They dance to "She Will Be Loved" and in my head this makes me think of two things: 1) Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams accepting the MTV Movie award for Best Kiss (and if you haven't seen that clip, Google it, because it is HOT) and 2) that I always used to sing the words "There wiiiiiiiilll be blood!" in honor of the movie every time I heard it. So I'm not really thinking about romance. Anyway, their routine is probably the best they've ever done. There's not a ton of dancing, but I can see the chemistry for the first time.

Bruno thinks that they turned on "the raunch factor," and that there were technical problems, but they're headed in the right direction. Carrie Ann is fanning herself from the sexiness, and agrees with Bruno about technique. Len thought that parts of it were "more suitable for the bedroom than the ballroom," and he thinks Chuck is uneven. Len liked Shawn's understated sensuality better than this routine, but Bruno disagrees. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 8. I think Julianne is so over this competition. She just doesn't seem into it anymore. Not as much as Edyta, but still.

So here are the final scores, and my prediction of who will be going home is LT.

Kim and Derek: 28

Melissa and Tony: 27

Shawn and Mark: 26

Gilles and Cheryl: 26

Chuck and Julianne: 23

LT and Edyta: 22

Ty and Chelsie: 18

Steve-O and Lacey: 16

Is there anything sadder than watching has-beens dance to regain their popularity? Our vlogger investigates.

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