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I just realized that we're halfway through the results show and we've seen no results yet. And we won't for a little bit, because first we're going to watch some international ballroom champions from the upcoming show Burn the Floor. I don't really get the deal with this group. Especially because one of the dudes is wearing pants with no shirt and suspenders. That is bad times. Plus that dude keeps looking at the camera and mugging, and I really hate that. I don't know who that dude is, but I don't like it. Anyway, the routine is pretty boring to me. They're great dancers, don't get me wrong. When there's no stakes, ballroom dancing is kind of boring to me.

Backstage, Samantha is talking to Chuck and Julianne. Chuck jokes that it took red satin pajamas for him to tie Gilles. Julianne adds that they just went out and had fun, which might have made the difference. Then Samantha talks to Ty and Chelsie about next week's team dance, where one team will be doing the tango and the other will be doing the mambo. Ty doesn't know which dance he wants to do, but he wants to dance with Chelsie. She picks the tango, if she has to choose.

Everyone runs back out to the stage to find out who is safe. Tom says he'll announce three couples that will definitely be returning. The first is Chuck and Julianne. The second is Melissa and Tony. The third is Shawn and Mark. So there are four couples still in jeopardy.

The producers are trying something new this season: there will be a bunch of people competing to be the new pro next season. Do they need new pros? Why not bring back some of the previous ones? I guess it's better than just importing people from SYTYCD. Anyway, you can vote for these people. The judges will be commenting, but not scoring them, so it's all up to the viewers at home. The first couple to dance tonight is Afton DelGrosso, younger sister to Ashly (who I will always remember as Joey McIntyre's partner). Brent Borbon is her partner, and they have worked together before, so they're psyched. They'll be doing the cha cha cha this week. It's interesting to see two dancers rehearsing together, because there's less teaching and more negotiating the choreography, since they are really competing against each other.

So their cha cha begins. Neither of them is really setting me on fire. They're technically qualified, but they're not jumping off the screen, which is what I enjoy about my favorite pros, like Maks or Derek or Julianne. Len thought Afton showed a little more flair. Bruno pays tribute to Afton's dancing family and her technique, and he thinks Brent is fresh and different. Carrie Ann thinks Brent pops on the screen, but he has to be careful about his technique. She thinks Afton is beautiful to watch. Backstage, Samantha asks them nonsense questions and they give boring answers. I think I'll reserve judgment until I see a few more.

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