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So now Celtic Woman is performing. It's four white chicks in ball gowns singing "You Raise Me Up" while some professional dancers do a routine. This is so in this show's demographic. Carmela Soprano would totally love this routine. Me? I'm kind of bored. Ooh. The whole choir kicked in. Now I'm a little more into it. They do have really beautiful voices, and the dancers are doing some amazing tricks, although it just got a little bit Dance Fever up in there. I remember when I used to watch that show as a kid and my mom would always go, "They're not even dancing! That's just gymnastics!" So that's how I feel about that routine.

It's finally time for some more results. Samantha is careful to say that these results are in no particular order. The next couple that is safe is Lil Kim and Derek. I must be rooting for them more than I thought, because I felt relief. Joining them are Gilles and Cheryl. That means either LT or Ty is going home, although Tom is careful to say that they are not necessarily the bottom two. So who's going home? Lawrence and Edyta. Well, no shocker there, and I think he was about done with the competition anyway. LT is really happy and Tom accuses him of being happy to get the heck out of there. He doesn't deny it, but has nice things to say about Edyta. She says nice things about him too, but I doubt she means it. LT starts talking about how soon he'll be out there golfing and it's over. Phew! His lack of desire to be there was getting a little uncomfortable.

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