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Bruno says Ty is having a "bigger comeback than Mickey Rourke." Carrie Ann thinks his posture and hold were beautiful, but he needs to work on not looking terrified at times. Len thinks his waltz had "more rise and fall than a bride's nightie," which gets a big chuckle from Tom. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8. I can barely hear Ty when Samantha interviews him backstage. She asks about Ty's costume design, and she admits that he wanted her to wear denim shorts at first, but she pushed for a dress. It's a pretty dress, too.

Shawn's rumba hit the right line between adult and teen, and the judges were pleased. This week, Shawn went to New York to accept the Sullivan Award, and then she had to go to Des Moines to accept another award, so Mark met up with her to practice in Iowa. He kind of rushed her through the rehearsal, and she got stressed out because she wasn't picking things up as quickly as she usually does. Plus, she has to learn the group dance on her own. Yikes. So her individual dance is the cha cha cha. It's to "PYT," and Mark is dressed up like Michael Jackson with the floods and the sparkly white socks. This is my favorite song off "Thriller," but I'm not feeling this routine. Shawn's got great hip action, and she actually looks like she's dancing instead of just doing steps, which is good. But there's not enough cha cha cha for me. I'm turning into Len, aren't I? You can tell me. Anyway, it's cute, but it's not championship level for me, dawg. It's too modern.

Carrie Ann loved it! She thought it had both good technique and performance. Len thinks the cha cha is a tough dance, but they did it well. I guess I'm totally wrong. Bruno says that Shawn's technique has always been great, but now she's starting to be more flamboyant out there, and he loves it. Backstage, Samantha asks them if they think they might get a 10 this week. Mark expertly dodges the question. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9 and Bruno 10. The crowd goes nuts.

Gilles and Cheryl have the waltz this week, and Cheryl hopes to show the soft, romantic side of her partner. Gilles has trouble getting the softness of it, since he's used to doing Latin arms. So Cheryl takes him to a synchronized swimming coach? Okay, of all the effed up weirdo things the producers have made the contestants do, this might take the cake. Why not just have Gilles strip down to his underwear and stand there? Because that's really why they're doing this. The routine begins, and Cheryl looks very pretty in a flowy yellow dress. But it seems like if Gilles isn't doing smoldering, he doesn't know what to do, because he looks very aloof and kind of weird. Later in the routine, they sex it up a little bit and he does better, but it's not his best performance. I guess they did need that bit in the bathing suit to remind people why they like Gilles. Um, I meant because he got goofy at the end and did a cannonball. What did you think I was talking about?

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