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So due to some technical difficulties, I missed parts of the show tonight, but I did get to see all of the dances and all of the judging. If I missed anything, it might be some of the transitional parts with Tom and Samantha, and while I love Tom, I don't think missing them will be a big deal. Unfortunately, I missed the cold open, so I didn't get to hear Tom tell us that tonight's show is LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

The show must be running short tonight, because we get the extended version of the theme music before the couples make their way down the stairs and onto the dance floor. Man, LT wasn't kidding when he said he was going to cover Edyta up this week when he had the chance to design her costume -- she's wearing something that would look appropriate during a Russian winter, fur collar and all. It's like Harriet Olson's funeral dress. After everyone is introduced, Tom reminds us that the celebrities got to design the costumes this week, when usually the pros do so. Samantha adds that this week will feature a group dance. The group dance won't be scored by the judges, which makes sense. How would they?

Last week, Bruno told Melissa that she needed to be a maneater. In rehearsal, Tony thinks they can follow Bruno's advice because they have the Argentine tango. And then there's a commercial for Desperate Housewives. Oh! Melissa's going to be on an episode! Oh, wait. I misunderstood. Actually, she's getting advice from Teri Hatcher on how to dance. Because Teri has all that ballroom dancing experience from that time she played a dancing mermaid on Love Boat or whatever. Bleh. I really despise these fakey, set-up pieces. If they have to do a clip package, they could at least pretend to do something realistic that shows a genuine piece of the celeb's personality. So anyway, the tango. The footwork is very complicated and extremely well-done. There's not a misstep to be seen. The thing that confuses me is that there are three or four major lifts. Are they allowed to do those now? I know there are exceptions some weeks, but usually they make a bigger deal out of it. And if not, that was a pretty flagrant violation. And they weren't necessary; the routine was really great without them, I thought. The crowd absolutely loved it, although the crowd has been pretty rowdy since the show started.

Len thought it was fantastic with the intricate steps, and he explains that the lifts are allowed in the Argentine tango. Why not tell me that ahead of time? I can't be the only one that was confused. Len thought he saw a tiny blunder, though. Bruno thinks this was "the revenge of the Maneater" and then says something about how she drew pictures with her legs? I don't even know. Carrie Ann thought it was the best Argentine tango they've seen. Better than Gilles? I don't know about that. I think maybe she's getting caught up in the moment. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9 and Bruno 10. After the scores, Tony reveals that Melissa was dancing with bruised ribs.

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