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Whew! Sorry, I just had quite an adventure involving a stray pit bull nearly getting hit by a car in front of my house, my daring rescue, and then attempting to find the owners even though the dog had no ID tag. We did find them, and Lucky is now home safely, but I just wanted to use my bully pulpit to remind people to spay and neuter your pets, and put ID tags on their collars!

Anyway, enough of the Bob Barker PSA, on with the show. Tom and Samantha welcome us to the show and Tom promises "the most dramatic elimination so far this season." So that must mean it's not Melissa. Or is it Melissa, and that was a nod to The Bachelor and Chris Harrison? Anyway, the encore performance tonight is the team tango. Derek is really an amazing dancer. He's really come into his own this year. He doesn't annoy me like he did with Shannon Elizabeth. I always like the encore because I think the dancers do better because the stakes are not so high and they can let go a bit. Ty really needs to learn a facial expression though -- even in the tango, I think it's okay to show some emotion in your face other than terror. I like Cheryl and Gilles's section better tonight; maybe only having to concentrate on one dance helps. And the ending section is as good as it was last night as well. Good job, everyone!

Tom begins the review of last night's performances as he reminds us that Melissa couldn't dance last night due to her injury, and the judges had to critique and score her rehearsal footage. It wasn't even a dress rehearsal, so they weren't going all out. Len was very honest in pointing out that he thought Ty should go home this week unless he showed something spectacular in the team dance. And then he did do spectacular in the team tango, so I guess Len takes it back?

Then there's a ripoff of that bit that every morning radio show had done where they make fun of the "Real American Heroes" campaign that some beer company ran a few years ago. Basically they make fun of each of the remaining celebrities and it's not funny AT ALL so I'm just going to pretend it never happened and you should too. Bring back DanceCenter!

Tom and Samantha introduce Robin Thicke, who's singing while three couples dance. It's Edyta, Cheryl, and Kym dancing along with Tony, Alec, and Dmitry. I like Robin Thicke. I'm an old school Growing Pains fan, and Robin looks a lot like his dad when he was younger. Plus, he's actually singing and not lip-syncing, which I always appreciate. And the song is relatively short. But man, Robin Thicke is sweaty afterwards. It must be warm in there.

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